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A question about Redbubble. How are they from the seller's point of view compared to Spreadshirt? Is there more, less?

Can't answer that blanket. Some do their main business on redbubble, others on zazzle, others here.


In my opinion, the wave of plagiarism originated on the American Spreadshirt platform.

All US PODs are affected. It's because of the language. The fact that Spreadshirt was hit hard is primarily due to the data / image formats which, thanks to the flex and flock printing technology, were and are ideal for automatic tapping and extrapolation. I could no longer upload a graphic to the US account without having to receive a warning from Amazon a week later, which indicated that some US Spreadshirt profile pages were permanently programmed into the bot.

After more than a year of uploading stop on my US account and the significant decrease in pirated copies on Amazon, I can currently use my US account again without automatically supplying the pirated copiers with new image material.

But my Zazzle account is becoming more and more the focus of pirate copiers.

Incidentally, some professional pirates are now starting to write counter notices. This means that you can only have your pictures deleted from Amazon via an injunction. And even worse, leaving a counter notice unanswered weakens your right to the picture and makes you vulnerable to recourse claims for “perjury” and “unauthorized DMCA takedown”.

The fronts are getting tougher and sharper.

By the way, things are also stolen in the EU. Just less, because the pirates prefer to steal their fill in the USA.