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The job as a web developer is
  • A job with real future opportunities
  • Diverse and innovative
  • well paid
  • Possible and in demand in many areas
  • demanding
Tasks as a web developer
  • Creation of websites or modules
  • Realization of the technical side of the website
  • customer care
  • Creation of prototypes
  • Testing
Annual salary:
36.000 € – 67.000 €

Depending on

  • Experience & qualification
  • Branch
  • Size of the company
  • Assigned tasks
  • region

Are you looking for a suitable job and have found the term web developer? If you want to know whether a web developer, also known as a web developer, is the right job for you, you will find a lot of information here. Here you will find out what a web developer is exactly, what tasks he takes on, but also how you can become a web developer. Of course we will tell you how much salary you can expect in this area. Last but not least, you will also find the relevant job offers here if you want to work as a web developer.

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frequently asked Questions

A web developer develops special software for applications on the Internet. Furthermore, he takes care of the maintenance and further development of websites.

He creates websites or individual modules for the web and uses the corresponding programming languages ​​for this. He also takes care of the support and maintenance of websites and online shops.

A Education Computer science or software engineering can be a solid basis for this, as can training as a media designer in the relevant subject. However, there are also many career changers in this job.

Current vacancies & jobs as a web developer

Web Developer: Definition

A web developer, also known as a web developer, develops special software for online shops or websites. Even if websites were still quite simple in the early years of the Internet and could therefore also be designed by smart hobbyists, things are different now. At that time, websites were rather static and only contained text and images.

In the meantime, they have blossomed into dynamic applications that adjust independently to the different output devices and are incredibly complex at the same time. A web developer must therefore master many aspects of software development. These include, for example, extensive knowledge of the programming languages ​​required for this, but also in-depth knowledge of analyzes, the architecture of databases and software, object-oriented programming, agile work and agile development, as well as the associated test concepts.

Basically, the following applies: Web developer or web developer is just one name for a profession that can be found under many other names. Depending on the specialization and specific task, he is also referred to as a web or multimedia programmer or a developer of software solutions for the web. However, the tasks of the web developer always revolve around the creation of entire websites or modules for the web. To do this, the web developer uses the programming languages, but also the corresponding editing or authoring systems. If you want to work as a web developer, you should definitely enjoy working with others. You usually work in a team that also includes web designers and conceptual developers.

If modules and entire websites are programmed, you as a web developer are responsible for the technical side of the programming. As in many professions, your specific task or the area of ​​responsibility for which you are responsible depends on the size of the company. While you are responsible for many tasks in small agencies or companies, in a larger company you tend to deal with more specific tasks. In large agencies, for example, all areas are divided up: while some of the web developers are busy connecting the individual databases, others are in turn taking care of the interfaces through which users will interact in the future.

Right from the start, when a new project takes its first shape and a concept is developed, you will work as a web developer with the web designers and others. You are responsible for ensuring that everyone's ideas are technically implemented. A prototype is used to check whether an idea can actually be implemented as a project.

Web Developer: Requirements

If you are considering taking up the profession of web developer, you should meet a few requirements. If you meet most of the following points, you can be sure that you are making a good choice:

  • I am interested in how websites work
  • I am interested in new developments
  • I like to learn and also teach myself the necessary things
  • I am creative
  • I like to think outside the box
  • I am resistant to stress
  • I am communicative and open
  • I can express myself well
  • I work goal-oriented
  • I enjoy working in a team with others

In addition to the criteria mentioned above, you should also have the necessary professional skills. If you have these skills and knowledge, you will come one step closer to your goal of being a web developer:

Your skills

Web Developer or Web Developer: Apprenticeship & Studies

In this country you can complete the apprenticeship as "IT specialist in application development". If the skills that are important for the web are conveyed in the training and if they are at the appropriate technological level, you will have acquired the essential basics for working as a web developer with this training.

Basically: You can also work as a career changer as a web developer. Even if you have previously completed an apprenticeship or a degree, the knowledge imparted there is often not enough. Especially in the area of ​​programming, the development of programming languages ​​and other web-based applications, you are dependent on your own further education.

Here you can find the right courses for web developers

So if you enjoy programming languages ​​and can easily acquire them, you have a good basis for a job as a web developer or web developer. But there is no uniform training or study as a web developer or web developer. Even if an apprenticeship or a degree in computer science can be helpful, you have to take care of the intricacies of linking the front and back end yourself until you have mastered them safely.

Many hosting providers provide a kit for simple websites that almost anyone can work with themselves. That can be enough for smaller websites and presences. However, if users have to access databases or complex applications or if an entire production facility is to be controlled via the web, these websites must adapt to the circumstances and behave responsively. The web developer takes care of that!

Current vacancies & jobs

Web Developer: Getting Started

If you want to successfully start your job as a web developer or web developer, you should above all have experience in addition to your training. The magic word here is "learning by doing". To do this, you simply implement your own websites or projects, try your hand at them, try to recreate other websites and learn everything you need to get started. It's your choice:

Graduate (studies / training)

Helpful soft skills as a web developer

As a web developer, you not only need technical knowledge, but also soft skills that help you to apply your specialist knowledge successfully in practice. For example, you should have good communication skills to discuss projects with supervisors, colleagues, other developers, and customers. Of course, you should also be able to listen well in order to understand the wishes of your customer and also to solve problems together with your colleagues.

  • Independent and goal-oriented work
  • Resilience
  • creativity
  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Team collaboration
  • adaptability
  • To listen
  • Communication skills

Web Developer: Industries & Areas

As a web developer or web developer, you are not limited to just one industry, you will find employment in many areas and industries. Wherever websites are designed and also need to be maintained, you can be sure that you are in demand as a web developer.

Web Developer: The Salary

The salary as a web developer or web developer varies significantly. On average, as a web developer, you can earn a little more than 3,000 euros a month. The range of salaries is between 2,150 euros per month, but can also be up to 4,300 euros per month and more. Of course, your experience as a web developer also has a decisive effect on the amount of your salary.

In addition, the region in which your employer is based has a significant influence on the salary level. While companies in the south of our country pay a little more on average, it tends to be a little less in the east or north. Likewise, larger companies often pay a higher salary than small and medium-sized companies. If the company is located in a large city, the salary is also often higher than for a company that operates in rural areas. The more responsibility you take on as a web developer, the higher your salary will usually be.

Career prospects& Career opportunities

further education

As a web developer, you can't do without your own further training at all. Even if one of the training courses or studies described above forms the basis, appropriate courses should be taken in order to acquire and deepen the various skills. Of course, as a web developer, you can also acquire a lot of things yourself, but one course
has a corresponding structure and covers all areas.

If you work as a web developer, you can specialize further. You can become a web developer for dynamic HTML5 content and then work on projects with HTML5, CSS3 or AngularJS. But you can also become a web developer with a focus on Java. As a rule, you will set up the company's own intranet and internet in a company, but you can also specialize in the company's e-commerce.

As a web developer, you can also train to become a web designer. With this specialization, you can practically work on two fronts at the same time: You design the websites and are also responsible for their conception and programming.

Promotion opportunities & career prospects

As a web developer, you can make a career not only in small, medium and large companies. You can just as easily go into business for yourself and open your own agency. If, on the other hand, you would prefer to work as an employee, you can move up from a simple member of the team to management and division management. How far your career can take you often depends on the size of the company.

Typically you start with assistance and gain more and more professional experience as a web developer. Later on, you are only allowed to manage individual areas, right up to independent projects. If the company is on the small side, your career will usually end here. In larger companies, you can move up to head of department or manager.

Current vacancies & jobs as a web developer

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