How do I become a dementor


Species information

Orientation according to feelings

Skin color

Gray (scabbed)

Related to

Letifold (possible)


3 meter

  • Blind
  • Rattling breath
  • Spread cold, sadness, fear and darkness
  • Dementor's Kiss (Sucking Out the Soul)
ZM classification


Dementors belong to the most dangerous and cruel magical beings.


Looking for Sirius Black

The Dementors had to look for Sirius Black under the orders of Cornelius Fudge. They found him at Hogwarts, but he escaped.

During the 2nd wizarding war

The Dementors joined Lord Voldemort, left Azkaban, and made Hogsmeade unsafe. When the Second Wizarding War broke out, the Dementors fought on the side of Lord Voldemort, but were chased away forever by Kingsley Shacklebolt as Minister of Magic when the Dark Lord was killed


They are able to "give people a kiss" and suck the soul out of their bodies. The result is that one is robbed of the mind and all feelings and only lives on as an empty shell. Dementors have rattling breaths, hover and spread coldness, gloomy thoughts and an eerie mood as they appear. They are therefore feared in the wizarding community and for this reason they were used as guards for the wizarding prison Azkaban, in rare cases also for other things, for example to persecute Sirius Black or to interrogate prisoners or suspects.


They can reproduce by breeding, resulting in heavy fog[1].


Dementors are human-like in stature and can grow up to three meters tall. They wear a black hooded cloak, which completely covers their face. There are two empty eye sockets under the hood, which is why they can only perceive their surroundings through feelings. Instead of a mouth there is a vent that they use when "kissing".

Combat and Defense

Dementors can only be warded off with the Patronus spell, a spell that is carried out with a happy memory and the magic formula "Expecto Patronum".

Another way of defense is for Animagi. You have the opportunity to transform yourself into an animal. Since dementors cannot perceive the thoughts and feelings of animals, such an escape is possible. This was achieved by the animagus Sirius Black, who kept himself sane with the thought that he was innocent and thus mustered enough strength to transform himself into a dog and escape from Azkaban prison.

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