Are you thin and obese

Why are you
actually so thick?

But if the vast majority of overeating triggers (the real cause of obesity) are caused by diagnosable diseases - why should I accept that? It sounds as if these factors, because they are a disease, absolutely have to be accepted. If my best friend had breast cancer or even unhealthy varicose veins, I would definitely encourage her to do something about it. See a doctor. Or two or three. Initiate therapy. To do something to make her healthy again. In this case, no one would understand if the sick person refused treatment and demanded that they simply accept him as sick. Because that's the way he is.

Seven of the nine points listed above are triggers for excessive food intake and insufficient consumption due to a lack of exercise. For example, medication does not automatically make you fat overnight. They are much more likely to promote appetite, store water, have a negative effect on the psyche - so that in the end you eat more than you need to do and move even less than before. You gain weight from that. What has established itself “in the minds of society” on the subject of energy intake and consumption is simply the right connection.

Why then can't overweight people also face this truth, “Yes, I regularly consume more food than I need. And by the way, this has the following reasons ... ". It always looks as if this circumstance (which, by the way, I neither condemn nor classify as weak-willed and undisciplined), absolutely has to be concealed. Because it's embarrassing to say you're consuming too much energy? Because then you have a personal responsibility after all?

I believe that if more obese people were confident about this "increased food intake - high weight" relationship, they would be better able to address the triggers for it. It is simply a serious difference psychologically and motivationally whether you confirm to yourself and others again and again that there are many triggers for obesity that you cannot influence. Because these are diseases. Or whether you admit that you have serious construction sites that always let you eat more than you need. And then this also concerns.

Of course, it is not done with half an hour on the stepper and a green salad every now and then. That would be a very simple point of view on a complex subject. The way is exhausting and takes a long time. But it is possible! I wish everyone a lot of courage and good vibes to tackle these construction sites.

PS: There is no such thing as a reduced or broken metabolism due to diets. This modern myth has falsely crept into the popular nutritional science and women's magazine scene at one point or another. And in turn only leads to the fact that as an overweight person you feel incapable of acting, discouraged and at the mercy. I CANNOT lose weight at all. My metabolism is broken. Please inform yourself and remove this dangerous fairy tale from the minds of society.
However, there is indeed a yo-yo effect. This occurs when people eat as much again after a diet as they did before and fall back into old diets (which led to obesity). Since they usually weigh less after a diet, they need even less energy than before. With the amount of food you eat before the diet, you gain weight faster than ever before. Guilt is not a strange body mechanism, but your own eating behavior.