What is the antonyms of despair


Desperate is an adjective that can be applied to people, a situation, and an action. A desperate person is capable of anything. A desperate situation is one that seems hopeless.

Boredom often leads to doubts

A desperate act is an act with the courage of desperation. In a desperate situation a person can find access to previously unknown power. In a desperate situation, a person can also collapse. A desperate person can find new creative ideas. Fear gives you wings. And often enough inventions have arisen out of desperation. Out of desperation, however, a person can also commit the greatest stupid things. A desperate person also becomes capable of crimes that were previously unthinkable. Violent crimes, including murder, often happen out of desperation. Suicide, too, is often an act of desperation. More about this under the main keyword Despair.

Basically: Despair is often a transition phase into a new phase of development. The old is no longer appropriate. New things want to come into life. Old securities are disappearing. Everything that has been built on is no longer there or seems to have been lost. Man becomes desperate. But then out of desperation it can grow into something new. The result of such despair maturation can be wisdom and humility.

Desperate as an adjective

Desperate: What is desperate? What does it mean to be desperate? What is the origin of this adjective? Here is some information about the word desperate and the context in which it is used. You also get word formations that are related to desperate, have the same root, synonyms too desperate, and antonyms to the term desperate. The word desperate denotes a character trait, a quality that can be seen as a virtue. One can cultivate virtues, e.g. with meditation. You will also find affirmations too desperate and tips for using this property here. Desperate is an adjective that is too desperate. There is more food for thought and thoughts too desperate in the main article on the corresponding noun, i.e. under desperate. A brief definition of desperate:

To be desperate means to be in a state of powerlessness, of hopelessness. The situation seems to be hopeless for the affected person. Often desperate people manage to get out of old ways of thinking and to open up to new things that turn out to be beneficial afterwards. People come on the spiritual path, they come to deeper knowledge and insights.

Desperate - related terms

Here are a few words related to desperate. First, a few words that have the same root:

  • The noun too desperate is desperate.
  • The noun agent, that is, the word that denotes the doer, is desperate.
  • One verb to do this is despair.

Opposite of desperate - antonyms

An antonym is an opposite. Sometimes virtues are best understood by relating them to their opposite. Sometimes the opposite of a virtue is also a virtue, sometimes a vice or a vice. So here are some opposites of desperate, so antonyms:

Balancing virtues

Much that is taken to extremes becomes vice. So desperately needs an opposite pole. Here are some opposing poles, i.e. positive antonyms too desperate:

  • Adjectives that denote an opposite pole, i.e. positive antonyms too desperate, are e.g. trusting, trusting, courageous, serene, self-confident, trusting God, believing, loving, hoping, hopeful, confident
  • Nouns that represent an opposite pole too desperately are e.g. trust, courage, serenity, self-confidence, trust in God, faith, love, hope, confidence

Antonyms, negative qualities

Here are some examples of opposites, antonyms, of desperate, which can be viewed as vice or negative qualities:

  • Adjectives, negative antonyms too desperate, are superficial, indifferent, repressed, shallow, trivial, insignificant
  • Nouns, negative opposites too desperate, are superficiality, platitude, indifference, repression, shallowness, triviality, insignificance

Similar words such as desperate - synonyms

Synonyms are words with a similar meaning. Here are some synonyms too desperate. Some of the synonyms have positive meanings. However, the following also applies: A virtue in a different context, or a virtue that is exaggerated, can also have a negative meaning.

Positive synonyms too desperate

So here are some examples of positive synonyms too desperate:

Negative synonyms too desperate

An actually positive quality exaggerated or in another context can be negative. One can also see the same quality both positively and negatively. Here are some examples of negative synonyms too desperate:

  • Synonyms too desperate with negative association are the following adjectives: naive; clueless, simple-minded, gullible, stupid, ignorant, ignorant, uncritical
  • Synonyms too desperate with negative connotation are the following nouns: joylessness, despondency, dejection, despondency, melancholy, low mood, depression, misery, grief, grief, sorrow, misery, torment, soul pain, gloom, sadness, [[fear

desperate affirmations

Do you desperately want to develop, grow stronger, cultivate the quality within yourself? Here are a few tips on how to do this:

  • Classic autosuggestion: I am desperate.
  • Developmental Affirmation: I am developing desperately.
  • Miracle affirmation: Suppose I were desperate, how would that feel, what would change, how would I react?

Of course, a meditation in which you can let this quality become stronger in you is also helpful. You can find more information about this under the keyword Trait meditation. Also look under the keyword Cultivation of positive traits.

Here is a video with tips on cultivating virtues, traits:

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