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In 2021 every company should ask itself: "What if ...?"

The general conditions of our professional and private environment are constantly changing - in the last ten months even rapidly and with considerable consequences. The goal of every company is to continue to offer relevant products or services in the future. A few very simple and clear questions will help.

The pandemic divides the companies in terms of innovative strength and creativity: some unleash new, previously unrealized innovation potential, others have frozen. At best, this forced deceleration can unleash creativity and lead to more clarified decisions.

Have you thought about what will happen after this crisis? Will life go back to the way we used to or will there be permanent changes in the way we organize our family life and run our businesses?

"What happened if..?"

The world is currently experiencing massive digital change. Digital products and services are more important than ever as millions of people rely on software to collaborate, create value, manage projects, do business and organize daily life.

In times of radical uncertainty, companies have to deal with radical changes in customer behavior, product use and customer acquisition. How can we promote a culture of innovation and participate in these innovations?

"What if ..." is the most central of all questions and includes all other topics that one has to go through when defining the direction and vision of his company.

  • «What if» innovative, aspiring companies or start-ups try to change the business in which I work?
  • “What if” we could rebuild and offer our business (products and services) with the latest technologies?
  • "What if" there weren't any legacies from the past that would prevent us from changing the organization?
  • «What if» we could reassemble our team today? Which skills would be important in the new company?
  • “What if” we re-established our company today?

And now?

Most of us agree that part of this ongoing change will remain, and for some of us this might even spark off something entirely new. It is vital that we look to the future and take a proactive approach rather than reacting based on what is happening.

A critical factor in dealing with change is looking ahead, not backwards. Digitization has now become an obligatory discipline for all organizations, which is now even more important. Now is the right time to look into the future, develop scenarios of what this future might look like for your organization, and create a roadmap that pays off on this big picture.

Sure, you can also wait until the storm is over - the only risk is that you will be too late and that competitors or new players will pass you by. Starting now is the only chance to make sure you are ready on time. Also remember to be able to adjust goals and roadmap on the way to the target picture at any time and to test the way forward. Indeed, now could be a perfect time to test out new ideas and services as people are likely to be more open than ever.

And: we have to get better at looking ahead.

Success to date is no guarantee of innovation

  1. Success makes you do what made you successful in the past.
  2. If the business has worked to this day, it is difficult to imagine that this will not continue automatically.
  3. If companies only exploit what has worked so far, they are not exploiting the potential.
  4. Every business model is limited and has a life cycle. And these cycles are getting shorter and shorter.
  5. Healthy and successful companies often find it particularly difficult to innovate because it requires radical changes in their organizational structure.
  6. Innovation and creativity are a question of corporate culture.

This is how you exploit your innovation potential

  • Analyze your current situation.
  • Create scenarios for the changing business environment.
  • Find ways to change your company or find completely new ways to develop your products or services.
  • Create a well-planned and clear roadmap that will ensure that you are investing your time and money in the things that move you forward.
  • Create your future digitally.

We are not only thinking about how to master this crisis, but above all how we will continue and what opportunities will arise. If you want to use the changed environment to your advantage, please contact us. We have many years of experience with customers, whom we support on their path to digital transformation.