What is a student credit card

Credit card for students from card complete

If you have not really dealt with the topic of credit cards before, we will give you a very short “introduction” to the world of cashless payments. With the Student Card, the credit card for students from card complete (Mastercard or VISA), you can make cashless payments in around 200 countries around the world and enjoy many other student benefits, such as the 25 € starting bonus.

You can have the bills sent to you either monthly by post or, if your mailbox is already orphaned, by email. Of course, you can also look at an overview of your card transactions online at any time and thus check whether the card can still glow a little this month.

If you do need cash, you can withdraw money with your credit card for students from card complete in over 450,000 bank branches and over a million ATMs worldwide. So that you don't have to search for your student card in your wallet between all the other cards, there is the Student card in six different designs. So you can choose a student credit card that will catch your eye when you open your wallet. Those who think less pragmatically and are more of a design fetishist can, of course, simply let their understanding of design guide them.

Advantages for students

The Student Card is only available for regular students at universities, academies and technical colleges from the age of 18 to 30, i.e. also for all those who need a little longer to study. In the first year, the student card from card complete is free. Then there is the credit card for students for 2.80 € per month. The amount will be debited to you for one year in advance, i.e. € 33.60 once a year.

First year free and € 25 starting credit

If you opt for the student card from card complete by August 31, 2015, you will not only receive it for free in the first year, but also oneStarting credit of € 25credited to his first bill. If you like to let it rip, you should take a closer look at the VISA X-Jam-Card. In addition to the usual advantages of the Student Card, you benefit from free entry to all DocLX events in the year of the exhibition, after which you will still receive an impressive 50% discount.

Regular competitions for students

You can enter until August 2015 under the motto “card complete makes dreams come true” Win card credit of € 1,700. Since September 2014 there has been a new motto every three months, currently “Reise-Traum”. In order to increase your chances of winning, in addition to creative submission of your dream (photo, but also text possible), you should also collect a lot of likes, because the card complete jury includes the votes in their determination of winners.


Advantages of the student credit card for globetrotters

A major advantage of credit cards is their worldwide validity. But in order to even be able to enjoy the uncomplicated way of paying with your credit card for students in a restaurant in NY, when shopping in London, or simply during a semester abroad, you have to travel first. We don't want to paint the devil on the wall, of course, but every now and then it should happen that pieces of luggage get lost (take a look at our BringMeBack voucher if you often lose something) or that you cannot travel. The student card from card complete also offers you great advantages for this.

Worldwide insurance coverage

With the Student Card you are insured for up to 726,750 € worldwide all year round, even if you did not pay for the trip with your credit card. The only condition is that you use your card regularly. For card complete, regular use means that you have used your Student Card at least once within two months of the occurrence of the damage. The worldwide insurance cover includes, among other things:

  • Luggage including camping risk up to EUR 1,820.00
  • Travel accident up to EUR 72,700
  • Travel liability up to EUR 726,750
  • up to 100% reimbursement for treatment costs for first aid
  • worldwide air ambulance up to 100%
  • Helicopter primary rescue up to 100%
  • Flight delay up to EUR 110
  • Vehicle towing costs up to EUR 220.00
  • Travel recall up to 100%

Travel cancellation insurance with the Student Card

As the owner of a Student cardWith insurance cover from card complete, you will receive free travel cancellation insurance for private trips when you first issue your credit card for students. The travel cancellation insurance is also valid in the following years if you have carried out at least 20 transactions with your Student Card in the previous year. The travel cancellation insurance applies to flat-rate arrangements up to € 2,500 and for tickets booked for public transport that you use to reach your travel destination, up to € 1,250. The deductible is 20% of the reimbursable damage.


Advantages of the student credit card in mobility and entertainment

The credit card for students from card complete is of course not just for globetrotters.

  • Cashless parking and refueling anywhere in Austria
  • Buy cashless tickets for Wiener Linien in advance booking offices or at ticket machines
  • Special conditions for rental cars for students Card VISA at Hertz and AVIS
  • Ordering concert and theater tickets for the Austrian Federal Theaters and the United Stages Vienna by telephone (as a musical fan you might also be interested in our voucher for MAMMA MIA!)


For more information on the student card from card complete, just click here.