What happens if you accept cookies

Allow cookies, yes or no?

With the security or privacy settings, every browser offers the option of generally allowing or generally denying the receipt of this small data or only allowing it for certain websites.

I'm going to use the search engine to surf a website that tells me something about programming cookies. I usually just end up on this page now; but because I only allow cookies in special cases, the browser asks me, in this case Firefox:

"The website you are about to surf wants to set a cookie. The cookie is called" _utma ", then a long sequence of digits, and it is only valid for one minute. Do you want to" allow "it now and for each subsequent visit to this page , or only allow a visit for this one, or reject it in general? "

I refuse, because I have had good experience with the fact that you can refuse cookies and still get ahead, and I can now also call up this page here without any problems. By the way, read there, I'm translating from English, an interesting sentence:

"As cookie programmers, we shouldn't worry that a large number of users will start rejecting cookies, because so much of the functionality of the web is based on cookies."

Well, I'm just an exception. This is of course the perspective of the programmers of cookies and the operators of websites. They would like to write in the cookie when I click on an advertisement at the top right: He clicked on the advertisement from this company, and when I go to the company's website, the cookie is read out again and the company notices it then: Aha, he was actually on the site before, read this advertisement. Very complicated.

Now I surf the "New York Times", I have an account there, so I am registered to read the articles at all. A long time ago I allowed all cookies there, and lo and behold, I am immediately logged in and can read the leading articles.

Now I'm going to a website for online computer games and I'm bombarded with cookies. And if I reject them all, one by one, there is a twelfth cookie, which I also reject - then I can't really see the page. It stays half white and keeps charging forever.