Why do people feel drawn to me

Sexual attraction is a mystery that has left mankind in complete confusion since the beginning of time. Why are we drawn to some people when we just don't feel a crackle in others? Of course, this has something to do with appearance, not least. But there is much more to it than that.

We have collected the 5 most important aspects of sexual attraction. With them you will surely understand better why you just can't let go of each other.

1. Attractiveness

Shocker. Does sexual attraction include attractiveness? Who would have thought? Crazy enough, however, we are not only drawn to the people who are outwardly fit into our conventional prey scheme.

Are you usually into rocker guys with tribal tattoos? Yours But libido can be just as good Report to a law student with a pocket square.

The first impression is crucial. A nice smile or an auspicious look can bring you to a boil. Correct body language is a huge part of our attraction.

When it comes to attractiveness, it's first and foremost not about beauty. You don't need flawless features to sexually swim on a wave with someone. It's about that certain something. Like an aura that surrounds you and nobody can really grasp it.

2. Smell

Smell is one of the most important factors in sexual attraction. Our sense of smell has steadily deteriorated over the millions of years since we moved further away from the ape. And still are we are still animals with instincts.

The messenger substances, called pheromones, are the key here. You are for that a person's personal scent responsible, which cannot be whitewashed or manipulated by deodorants or perfumes.

We subconsciously smell this through the pheromones Genome of our counterpart. If it is dissimilar to ours, we will be more sexually attracted to it. Nature built this fascinating detail into our bodies so that we can find the best parents for our babies.

If two people with different genes have children, it has more likely to have a strong immune system than with a similar genome.

Expert tip: your particularly fertile days your counterpart sniffed immediately. When you ovulate, you appear much more arousing than usual to potential (male) sexual partners.

3. Hair and eyes

Even at the risk of labeling us women as superficial: It has been proven that a man's hair and eyes are decisive for sexual attraction. Full, shiny hair represents youthfulness and health. Dark eyes look deeper and more trustworthy than light eyes.

This phenomenon can also be observed in the animal world. Lionesses, for example, are more likely to be Get pregnant lions with shiny manes.

4. Competence

One of the most important factors in promoting sexual attraction is competence. Even if the appearance of our counterpart would not be included in our actual prey scheme, this can be overridden with a snap of the finger. What us long-lasting and sustainable attracts, is authority and expertise.

You can find out how much of a message there is in people's micro-expressions here.

It's not necessarily about a specific topic that the other person needs to be very familiar with. General conscientiousness and intelligence You can only play very badly and it shows us that the other person is a worthy partner and maybe even a good breadwinner.

The clinical psychiatrist Jordan Peterson describes this phenomenon in many of his online lectures. He talks about women looking for a partner who exudes a certain kind of power. Here, however, power is viewed in terms of personal competence. You can find out how high your level of emotional intelligence is here.

It's all about competence, not power.

- Jordan Peterson

5. Confidence

Self-confidence is the ultimate libido alarm clock. However, it must coincide with the competence mentioned above. People who are self-confident but have no idea of ​​the matter, are quickly exposed as braggers. We have summarized for you how to recognize lies in this article. Self-confidence, which is conditioned by the knowledge of one's own intelligence, can smell the other person miles against the wind.

Those who go through life self-confidently take what is due to them and can't be fooled. That is one of the factors that increase the attractiveness immeasurably.

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