Have the Giants put Eli Manning on the bench

Daniel Jones is the new starter: New York Giants put Eli Manning on the bench! Reaction after new quarterback criticism

The proud New York Giants have not reached the play-offs since 2016 - and there were only two final round action between 2009 and 2019 (2011 and 2016). Each on the trigger: Eli Manning. The playmaker, who has been in the NFL since 2004 and has been with the "G-Men" since 2005, has shaped the "Big Apple" franchise - and won the Super Bowl in 2007/08 and 2011/12.

All successes with which Manning has firmly anchored himself in Giants history - but also successes that were achieved a long time ago. As a result, in recent years the feeling has crept in that the veteran is only playing because of his earlier achievements. Because as described: The play-offs have been missed in a row - and Manning himself has only delivered solid numbers in addition to several errors in the form of interceptions (since the 2013 season a total of 97 in total), fumbles or simply thrown balls.

So those in charge in New York struck high in this draft year and landed Daniel Jones in sixth place. Lo and behold: the 22-year-old presented himself well against the criticism of many experts (he did not perform as well at College Duke and was voted far too high). After a conspicuous preseason with 29 of 34 passes for 416 yards and two touchdowns, Jones was even allowed to run at 17:35 in Dallas (three of four passes for 17 yards, one fumble), before beating the Buffalo at 14:28 For some, Bills had to watch in full, surprisingly.

Shurmur on Manning: "He's our starter at this point"

The question has been asked since the beginning of this week: Is Manning moving into the second tier to make room for a new protégé and to stand by as a mentor? Head coach Pat Shurmur was approached on Monday. His first answer: "He is our starter at this point in time, and I don't want to talk about anything else - possibly the future - today. I'm not ready to discuss it now."

As the coach of the Giants, he has the main responsibility when it comes to victory or defeat: Pat Shurmur. imago images

That certainly didn't sound like a clear avowal, although Shurmur is considered a Manning proponent. Manning himself, who again failed to deliver an oath of disclosure at the 17:35 opener at the Dallas Cowboys and at 14:28 against the Buffalo Bills, also spoke up: "We're at 0: 2 and are looking for answers. And me knows that if you get a boy early on in the draft, that issue comes up again. In any case, I have to keep working on myself and do the job that is asked of me. No matter what that is ... "

The decision has been made: Jones put in front of Manning

On Tuesday (local time) the "Big Blue" gave in to years of pressure - and coach Shurmur announced: "I talked to Eli this morning. I told him we were making a change and Daniel would be the starter from now on becomes." The old star was of course disappointed, "but he said he would be a good teammate as always and continue to prepare to help the team win games." Jones is aware of the challenge, "he will be ready on Sunday".

The end of an era is looming: As of now, Eli Manning is only a quarterback backup for the New York Giants. imago images

But it is also clear: Manning, who has been an integral part of the New York Giants for 16 years, is not so easy to stop without background noise. The quarterback has achieved too much and too much experience for that - especially since Jones himself has not practiced snaps with the A-Team in the past few weeks. So it will be exciting to see how Manning (starting quarterback job taken over by Kurt Warner in 2004 and not a starter in the Giants' last 233 games only once) behaves as a mentor behind Jones - and how Jones himself behaves on the field the side of star running back Saquon Barkley & Co. will handle.

The first task leads the rookie to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next Sunday (10:05 p.m.).