Why is Minecraft not on Steam

Minecraft available soon on Steam

It's been almost five years since the MinecraftFather Notch alias Markus Persson announced that he did not want his most successful title to be offered on the Steam download platform. There were always fundamental sympathies between Persson and Valve - Persson confessed his love for the valve shooter in a blog post Team Fortress 2after Valve gave him a special item - but Notch didn't believe that for various reasons Minecraft is in good hands on Steam. Microsoft has owned the for a good two years now MinecraftLicense, but sees it differently and has therefore tried hard to be allowed to sell the popular block title on Steam - and it seems with success

At yesterday's Brick Game Conference in New York, and again later on Twitter, Erik Johnson confirmed the agreement between Microsoft and Valve, after the Minecraft can be purchased via Steam from May. One of the main reasons for the decision to distribute via Steam is, above all, a simplification for users, as the downloading of updates for modifications via the Steam Workshop is to be made easier, as Johnson stated. The distribution of a "steam-free" Minecrafts but should definitely not be discontinued in the foreseeable future and the Minecraft Realms will continue to run steamexternally.

While some players are implementing Minecrafts welcome on Steam, there is a certain resistance from others. The Steam community hasn't completely forgotten that Valve had already tried out modifications for Skyrim Capitalize on that and that the customized game modes are off Dota 2 now partially bear costs. In a related blog, Mojang pointed out that Valve and Microsoft had agreed to spare the community from payment modifications and that Minecraft won't change much. Details about the Steam release will be announced at the end of the month, Minecraft can, however, be pre-ordered for the regular 20 euros.

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