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10/19/15 | The fact is! 77 percent of all German Facebook users feel the need to connect to at least one company on Facebook. After all, in Germany alone, there were already 387.2 million connections between Facebook users and companies in 2014. Facebook as the “old hand” and giant among social networks, with an above-average market share of 83.57 percent, is no longer just suitable for private communication and networking with friends. Thomas Hutter also confirmed this in an interview: "Facebook is so broadly positioned today that it will be difficult to overtake the platform." Facebook users want to be close to the products and brands they like. You want to find out more, look behind the scenes, find out more and know immediately what's new. Facebook is real-time communication! And what's stopping you from using Facebook for your affiliate marketing? Be present where everyone is spending their time! Use the potential of Facebook First of all, it needs to be recognized that social networks such as Facebook & Co. are no longer just a trend, but simply exist. And when something is simply there, has both integrated and established itself in daily communication and also promises reach - be it organically or via Facebook Ads - companies and affiliates give away opportunities to draw attention to themselves and gain awareness to increase. After all, Facebook only recently broke its own visitor record: For the first time, more than a billion users logged into Facebook in one day. What that means? Every seventh person on earth was online that day. We therefore have 5 tips for you on how your affiliate marketing can benefit from Facebook. 1. Get yourself an additional traffic channel and build up a loyal Facebook fan community For your optimal visibility as an affiliate in Web 2.0, it is essential to build up a broad Facebook community in addition to a search engine optimized website. With a low budget, you can generate additional traffic here, which in this way reaches your website or that of your merchant in a target-group-relevant manner. 31 percent of all referral traffic is now generated via social media. In order to build a secure source of traffic via Facebook, you need a community that regularly shares, likes or comments on your content without asking. It's not primarily about the number of fans, but first of all about an enthusiastic base that is ready to interact with your content in order to achieve an ever greater reach for you. What is needed for this: Understanding of your target group Relevant and valuable content Continuity in the dissemination Readiness for dialogue at eye level Conviction and trust All in all, a well-played and well-maintained Facebook presence is a very inexpensive tool to drive traffic to your website and also to increase your reach increase. In addition, the diversity of search queries and traffic supports a balanced marketing mix that does not make you dependent on Google alone. Because whoever “puts everything on one horse” runs a high risk of losing visibility and findability in the event of a new Google update. It is therefore more sustainable to benefit from the distribution of your traffic and to actively experience visibility with a Facebook fan page. 2. Provide your community with constantly updated content and offer it added value When providing content on Facebook, only three factors are fundamentally important: frequency, topicality and quality. There is no general guideline for the optimal frequency of Facebook postings. Here, too, it is important to listen to the Facebook community and find out from what point in time it feels optimally cared for. Common sense also ensures the correct frequency. This means that relevant content should not be withheld, but rather made available to the public. An editorial plan for affiliates that alternates thematically balanced between sales posts, amusement and benefits for the user and takes ideal posting dates into account, usually offers the best prerequisites for successful Facebook editing. In addition, content should always have a high added value in order to appear in your fans' Facebook news feed. Questions about what individual users want are no longer just an important criterion for Google, but Facebook's own algorithm is also increasingly placing quality and topicality from the user's point of view in the focus when selecting articles. Content filtered according to relevance then reaches each individual's news feed. The decisive factor when creating content is not always complexity, but rather the added value for your community. 3. Place Facebook advertisements and benefit from the precise targeting options and the low budget costs. If you shy away from the time-consuming building of a loyal fan base, but still do not want to forego a high reach, you should test the various possibilities of Facebook advertisements - Facebook Ads. Finely adjustable targeting options make it easy to actually reach your target groups, even with a small budget. Target groups have to be determined according to their exact interests, lookalikes and many demographic characteristics, among other things. In contrast to Google AdWords, Facebook also offers you a more cost-effective alternative due to the significantly lower click prices (CPC). 4. Participate in relevant communities and get involved in discussions! Comment, like, interact! In order to give you a greater reach, to make contacts or to develop a reputation and thus increase your awareness, it makes sense to get involved in relevant communities and discussions or to react to topics relevant to your business. Offer users added value on a specific topic and include thematically appropriate links to your partners or your website in your content. If a contribution is endowed with a benefit for the reader, this leads to increased reactions, which in turn leads to increased attention. Result: visibility, awareness, trust, reach. However, always make sure that comments or posts do not look like spam! But what should speak against addressing the individual needs of users and giving them sustainable tips and useful assistance in choosing a product? 5. Make contacts: track down influencers and use their reach! In order to benefit from a free and high reach on Facebook, it is necessary to establish sustainable contacts that can help you to disseminate your content in a target group-relevant manner. Research influencers on Facebook who are related to your partners and their products and who “talk” about them. How you should proceed: Follow relevant influencers and "listen" to their conversations and keep an eye on reactions to them. Generate attention and arouse interest: Convince yourself by interacting with the content of interesting influencers and getting involved. Like, share or comment. Think about the unique content with which you want to convince influencers and what added value will result for them. Get in personal contact via Facebook and maintain relationships with your influencers.