Why does my carpet smell like powdery mildew

Ozone against bad smells in the carpet

Carpet cleaning the "natural" way

Our world is surrounded by a protective layer, the ozone layer. For example, it protects us from dangerous rays. Without this layer we humans would not be able to survive very long.

However, too much of this gas is also dangerous for us. Can you imagine that this ozone can also remove odors from your carpeting? It can. And here you can read how it works.

Ozone cleans the air and yes, your carpeting too. You may have heard of it before. When a car is being prepared for resale, ozone is sometimes used.

This happens especially when there has been a lot of smoking in the car or animals have been driving along. What now works in the car can also be used in your living environment. With ozone devices you can remove unpleasant odors from your carpeting, including the smoke from cigarettes.

How does this work?

Ozone likes to react with various substances. It attaches an oxygen atom to this substance, which causes it to oxidize.

Put simply: Ozone does not cover any odors or harmful substances, it reacts with them and thus completely destroys them.

For example, ozone acts against the following substances:

  • Cigarette smoke in the carpet
  • Outgassing of plasticizers,
    which can be found in the back of the carpet, for example.
  • Animal smell, cooking smells.
  • Formaldehyde.
  • Carbon monoxide.
  • Garbage odors, powdery mildew, and so on.

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that could be thought of as probably the most powerful antibiotic, as it is said to be able to kill viruses and bacteria. An ozone cure in humans could rid the bronchial tubes of all possible pollutants. BUT ATTENTION: Careless handling of this gas is dangerous.

So that we can use it in living areas, there are special ozone generators that can generate it in the desired dosage. As a waste product, ozone itself becomes pure oxygen after the work is done.


It could be that ozone will soon be regarded as an important element in the renovation and renovation of apartments and buildings, as it can gently remove all forms of toxins and odors.

This means that ozone also has an enormous medical aspect, also in home use.

You will definitely be able to rid your carpet of any odor.