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11. Questions and answers about wireless Bluetooth headphones


Bluetooth is an industry standard that guarantees the exchange of data over a short distance. The transmission method was developed in 1990 by the company "Bluetooth Special Interests Group".

Do you have any further questions? Then you will finally find some frequently asked questions about wireless Bluetooth headphones on the comparison portal of and of course the corresponding answers.

After this purchase advice, you will be fully informed and can choose the best Bluetooth headphones for you and your needs.

11.1. How do bluetooth headphones work?

Beats Bluetooth headphones work wirelessly. It makes sense especially when you go running, exercising or riding a bike. You have both hands free with Bluetooth headphones. Therefore, you can concentrate on the traffic, take notes or the like while on the phone. This gives you a high level of security and flexibility.

You can listen to music and make phone calls normally with Bluetooth headphones. However, you should take into account that the sound quality of cheaper models is not as good as that of high-quality headphones. If you spend more money, you will also get headphones that will give you great pleasure in quality.

A Bluetooth headset establishes a radio connection with your end device. This connection works similar to WLAN, only that data can be exchanged between two devices that are not that far apart.

11.2. How do you pair bluetooth headphones?

Fortunately, pairing a Bluetooth headset is not a huge problem. For example, if you want to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Playstation, you have to go to the setting in your Playstation and then to the Bluetooth menu item. At the same time, you should make sure that the Bluetooth function of your Bluetooth headphones is switched on. Then all you have to do is select your model on your Playstation and a connection can be established.

If the Bluetooth function of your smartphone is activated, this will also be shown in the list of Bluetooth devices in the settings of your Playstation. All you have to do is click on your device and then on the "Connect" button. Your headphones will now be automatically paired with the Playstation.

11.3. Which is better: wireless or bluetooth headphones?

With Bluetooth, you put an end to cable clutter.

Digital wireless headphones, which transmit in the frequency ranges of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, provide better sound than Bluetooth headphones and analog wireless headphones. Wireless headphones also offer the advantage of greater flexibility. On the other hand, wireless headphones must be connected to an energy source. Therefore, the wireless headphones are also equipped with small rechargeable batteries, with which they have to be constantly charged.

Bluetooth headphones are better than wireless headphones in that they do not require charging and are lighter in weight. On the other hand, with bluetooth headphones, you have to pay more money to get excellent sound quality.

11.4. Why are my bluetooth headphones not recognized?

Sometimes it happens that the bluetooth headsets are not recognized. In that case, you should get your Restart your smartphone. If the connection still cannot be established, you should try pairing again. Sometimes it is also possible that the Bluetooth function of your devices is not switched on at all. This is often overlooked. Sometimes you need to delete existing devices and then as well connect again, especially if the list of existing devices is very long.

If these measures still do not work, you should use the Reset the factory settings of your smartphone. While this is a very time-consuming method, it usually always works. Basically, however, you can assume that the best Bluetooth headphones will always work.

11.5. Which Bluetooth headphones can I choose for my child?

Bluetooth headphones can help children cope with boredom, especially on long car journeys.

Boredom can arise on long car journeys or air travel. This is often unbearable, especially for the little ones. Discomfort and restlessness are the result. How practical is it when your little ones can play their favorite radio play or a film on their tablet or laptop.

Headphones are the perfect solution so as not to disturb fellow travelers. But you are sure to find a use at home as well, be it for musical learning games for the little ones or for your teenagers who have discovered console games for themselves.

If you want to buy Bluetooth headphones for your child, you should pay particular attention to a few basic criteria. On the one hand, it should definitely be a Volume limit to 85 dB integrated in order to protect the hearing of your kids and not to risk long-term damage.

Furthermore, you should ensure a high level of comfort when you set up your child's Bluetooth headphones for the first time, thanks to the padded and adjustable headband, but also separately adjustable ear cups. Setting up the Bluetooth headphones is easy: turn on Bluetooth on the devices and search for the Bluetooth headphones on the smartphone or tablet.

After setting up the Bluetooth headphones, remember that as soon as both devices are switched on, both devices will automatically find and pair with each other. Of course, you can also set up the Bluetooth headphones on multiple devices; you then have to manually select the headphones on the smartphone.

Another advantage of the flexibly adjustable headphones is that you can grow with your child so that you can benefit from the purchase for a long time.

In addition, according to various Bluetooth headphone tests, it should be a model with a low dead weight, so as not to unnecessarily burden the neck, shoulders and head of your protégé.

You should refrain from using in-ear headphones for children, as these can lead to feelings of pressure and ear infections in the not yet fully developed ear canals.

With regard to the design, you already have a free choice when it comes to cheap Bluetooth headphones. Different colors and patterns ensure an appealing look. For example, JBL, Denver or Grundig offer child-friendly Bluetooth headphones in pink, ice blue or with small icons. If you are interested in Bluetooth headphones for up to 50 euros, you should stop by discounter such as Lidl, Aldi or Hofer.

Bluetooth headphones up to 50 euros are sufficient for the little ones,

Since Bluetooth headphones do not have to be used with cables, they are particularly suitable for use by children. Cable damage is avoided, your little protégé can move freely and Risks from cables near the neck or face are excluded.

However, if the battery is empty and you want to continue using the headphones, you can connect the Bluetooth headphones to the smartphone or PC with a cable. The AUX cable is usually supplied with the Bluetooth headphones, otherwise you can buy the cable later.

11.6. Which bluetooth headphones should gamers use?

Gamers should use Bluetooth headphones with a long battery life and an integrated microphone.

Gamers should first of all make sure that the Standard of your bluetooth headphones compatible with your PS4 or Xbox is. In this way, transmission problems can be minimized and an intense gaming experience can be made possible. The Bluetooth headphones are compatible with the PS4 as long as you connect them via the controller.

As a gamer, you should only buy Bluetooth headphones with a long battery life. After all, you want to enjoy your game flexibly and independently of annoying cables. If you have to charge the battery of your Bluetooth headphones via the charging cable after just a few hours, the advantages of the wireless models are lost.

The battery life is given in hours. Particularly high-quality models, for example from TaoTronic, Apple or JBL, last up to two days, according to various Bluetooth headphone tests, before you have to recharge the battery.

The headset or microphone is almost mandatory. The practical accessories enable a uncomplicated communication with your fellow players, so that you can always discuss strategies and hints with the group without interrupting the game.

11.7. Why do my headphones transmit the music or video sound with a delay?

When using Bluetooth headphones, there may be delays during streaming, i.e. time delays in the transmission of the video sound. Often outdated software and Obsolete Bluetooth standards are the reason for the extended charging time.

Bluetooth headphones with the 5.0 standard should therefore generally cause fewer problems with such delays, provided that the output devices also have them. Also check whether your headphones and source devices support the AptX sound code, which significantly minimizes delays and other quality defects.

To avoid problems with sound transmission, it is important to test wireless bluetooth headphones before making a purchase.

Every now and then, the respective website, browser, app used or the game started can be the cause of the problem. Restarting your device or the application may help. If this is not the case either, contact the manufacturer or check for appropriate software updates online.

Setting up the Bluetooth headphones again, i.e. pairing them with the source device again, can in some cases bring about an improvement.

What grades did the individual Bluetooth headphones receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal Bluetooth headphone test winner from the following list:

  • First place - very good: 700 from Bose - exemplary internet price: 300 euros
  • Second place - very good: QuietComfort 35 from Bose - exemplary internet price: 192 euros
  • Third place - very good: Sport Earbuds from Bose - exemplary internet price: 150 euros
  • Fourth place - good: Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 3 by Beats by Dre - exemplary internet price: 150 euros
  • Fifth place - good: AirPods 2nd generation from Apple - exemplary internet price: 156 euros
  • Sixth place - good: SoundLink II from Bose - exemplary internet price: 148 euros
  • Seventh place - good: TT-BH090 from TaoTronics - exemplary internet price: 60 euros
  • Eighth place - good: Bluetooth headphones from DOQAUS - exemplary internet price: 35 euros
  • Ninth place - good: wireless headphones from bakibo - exemplary internet price: 20 euros
  • Tenth place - good: Soundcore Life A1 from Anker - exemplary internet price: 40 euros

The list shows: From a total of 7 different manufacturers, the Bluetooth headphones are divided into 3 "very good" Bluetooth headphones and 7 "good" Bluetooth headphones. The comparison winner 700 from Bose received the best award among all ratings and costs only 299.99 euros at the same time.

The Bluetooth headphone manufacturer Bose has the most Bluetooth headphones with 4 products in the comparison table for the Bluetooth headphones comparison.

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Which manufacturers did the editors compare and rate in the Bluetooth headphones comparison?

In the Bluetooth headphones comparison, we present 10 different products from 7 different manufacturers. Use our table to see which Bluetooth headphones were able to convince the editors most. More information "

In which price category are the Bluetooth headphones from the Bluetooth headphones comparison?

The Bluetooth headphones in the Bluetooth headphones comparison can be divided into three different categories: From the most expensive product for 299.99 euros to the medium price range at 125.03 euros to the inexpensive product for 19.54 euros, we have different ones for you Bluetooth headphones selected. More information "

Which Bluetooth headphones received the best overall customer rating?

The QuietComfort 35 from Bose not only caught the eye of our editorial team, it was also given an above-average rating of 4.7 by customers. More information "

How many Bluetooth headphones were rated "VERY GOOD"?

In the Bluetooth headphone comparison, the following 3 Bluetooth headphones were rated "VERY GOOD": 700 from Bose, QuietComfort 35 from Bose and Sport Earbuds from Bose. More information "

What other items were customers who bought Bluetooth headphones looking for?

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