Can spiritual techniques make me travel back in time?

Theme of time Are time travel possible?

Be careful not to tumble out of the space-time continuum in shock! Because: Time travel is more than science fiction! You are possible. So at least in theory ...

What is actually true is: Einstein's equations allow solutions in which time runs in circles. So where you keep repeating yourself.

Hermann Nicolai, quantum physicist

Great! Quantum physicist Hermann Nicolai firmly assumes that there are places in the universe where time doesn't just pass faster or slower, but where a marmot greets you every day. This information does not seem unimportant when planning a journey through time.

In order to be able to find such a place of extremes, says Nicolai, you have to get very close to a monster with unknown content - a black hole: "When you dive into the horizon of a black hole - that's the skin, the black Surrounding hole - if you go in there, there are time loops, beyond the horizon. "

Dream destination black hole

However, this excursion is not recommended. Our body parts would become spaghetti, that is, stretched out. Just like time. Everything would be very loooong. The advantage would be that you could get to know your own great-grandchildren without any problems - in theory. Because, according to Nicolai: "If you get there, you won't get out. Well, apart from the fact that you won't survive entering the black hole."

Travel at the speed of light

But there is another way to travel back in time. We don't have to visit a black hole for that. It is enough to accelerate very, very strongly. The nuclear physicist Steffen Turkat from Dresden tells us who, or rather, what that can do: "There are particles for which time does not move at all. Light particles - photons - move at the speed of light. They do not even have this concept of time. For time stands still. "

One would have to be a light particle. Relaxed surfing on a wave and completely forget the time. Unfortunately, we humans are not photons and therefore not able to accelerate to 300,000 kilometers per second. We're too massive. Too bad.

Invitation from Hawking

What are we going to do with our journey through time? Now I'll tell you something: The proof that time travel could ever be possible for humans has long been provided. And one evening in 1994. And that by none other than Steven Hawking. The astrophysicist had invited to a party - more precisely to a closed society. With a very specific question in the back of his head, as quantum physicist Nikolai says: "Yes, where are all the extraterrestrials who have traveled back to us from the future? Why aren't they all sitting here at the table now? And tell us something about the future? "

Hawking had only invited time travelers - on a card that he only sent around the world after the party. You can guess how the experiment turned out. It was a lonely evening - a dinner for one. Nikolai doesn't give us too much hope for our human time travel project either. The problem is: "You then immediately get into difficulties with causality."

Change the entire universe

Everything is related to everything. If you change something in the past, paradoxes arise, as the astrophysicist Harald Lesch describes: "Then you would have to change the entire universe. Because everything is so connected ... A couple, a couple in love, ask themselves: Say, how is it actually? came back then that we ran into each other. Now imagine if I had come two minutes later, the children would never have been ... "

So: in the universe, we can state that, time travel is really possible. In the horizon of a black hole they are "everyday life". And light photons don't even know time. But all of this only applies to certain forms of matter and not to us humans. For us, time flies in one direction and we can't go back.

"That is perhaps the great adventure that we call life" describes Harald Lesch. "That you have a total time experience. And that's why you have to be so careful and valuable with your time. Because you only have this time of your own."