What currency is used in Prague

Czech currency

The official currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech crown (koruna), abbreviated , with the international abbreviation CZK. 1 crown has 100 hellers (haléř), abbreviated hal.. The approximate value of one Czech crown is 0.04 euros.

Coins: 1 Kč, 2 Kč, 5 Kč, 10 Kč, 20 Kč, 50 Kč
See the Czech coins here
Banknotes: 100 Kč, 200 Kč, 500 Kč, 1000 Kč, 2000 Kč, 5000 Kč
See the Czech banknotes here

Exchange rates for foreign currency

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Accepted currencies

The official currency in the Czech Republic is the Czech crown, which makes it the best (and often the only) means of payment that you can use. Some shops, restaurants, and hotels accept the euro as a form of payment, but perhaps not necessarily at the best exchange rates.

Money tips for travelers

• Always exchange money in a bank or use an ATM - you can find one or two in every major city, and a lot more in Prague and the surrounding area.

• Be careful with exchange offices. Many have chosen tourists as their destinations and you could end up paying a hefty commission without even knowing it.

• Never exchange money on the street when it is suggested to you. No money is exchanged here, but stolen.

• Do not carry large amounts of cash with you. Use a credit card to withdraw money from the machine from time to time. You can also use the card to pay for your purchases yourself. The leading credit cards are accepted in many places.