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Scott Lang alias Ant-Man is the protagonist of the Ant-Man film trilogy. He is the father of Cassie Lang and the ex-husband of Maggie Lang. Scott is a former electrician, when he broke into a company, he was arrested, and finally freed by the scientist Hank Pym, who then made him the superhero Ant-Man.



Before Scott went to prison, he worked at Vista until he found out the company had picked too much from its customers. Amounts in the millions. When he finally reports this, he is fired by them. In response, he hacked into its security system, paid the victims back the millions and put all bank records online. In addition, he has sunk the Bentley from the board in his pool. He spent three years in San Quentin Prison for this.

The film begins with his release. Scott promises himself that he will never commit a crime again. However, when he is fired from his job at Baskin-Robbins because they found out his past and can't find a new one, he doesn't know how to get the money. His ex-wife Maggie forbids him to have contact with their daughter Cassie until Scott can get his life back on track and pay maintenance. When his friend Luis learns of something valuable in a cellar of a "rich bird", Scott tries to steal the item despite his promise. In a spectacular way he cracks the safe, which has been built from the same steel as the Titanic. This valuable item turns out to be a suit that Scott initially mistook for motorcycle clothing. Nevertheless he takes him with him. The next day, Scott tries the suit on and accidentally activates a shrink function. After an adventurous ride, which the scientist Hank Pym comments on the radio, Scott tries to get rid of the suit. But when he tries to bring him back, he is arrested by the police who were called by Hank's daughter Hope.

Dr. Pym sends him the suit so that with him and the help of Dr. Pyms ants can escape from custody. In doing so, however, he loses consciousness. When he wakes up the next day, he lies to Dr. Pym's mansion, which he had previously broken into. Hank tells him about his former student Darren Cross, who now runs the company he founded and tries to copy the Pym particles and the shrink suit he developed. Hank fears that Cross could wreak havoc with the suit and sends Scott to stop him. Together with Luis, Dave and Kurt they develop a plan to steal the prototype of the Yellowjacket.

In order to break into the building, they needed a signal jammer to disable the alarm systems. Scott was supposed to steal this from an old warehouse owned by Tony Stark, but the team had an old plan and it was the new headquarters of the Avengers (shortly before the move)! Falcon stood guard there and saw Scott through his glasses. He fought a tough fight with him. In the end, Ant-Man won by shrinking himself so small that he could get into his wingpack and pull out some cables.

After the

The First Avenger: Civil War

When Team Cap was looking for reinforcements against Helmut Zemo and Team Iron Man, Falcon suggested Ant-Man as reinforcement. He is picked up by Hawkeye and fights with the rest of the Team Cap members. But when the fight goes on too long and Team Cap doesn't make it away from Leipzig Airport, Ant-Man as Giant-Man creates a distraction, which enables Captain America and Bucky Barnes to escape. He is brought down through the webs of Spider-Man, who acted according to a tactic from Star Wars, which he also said. After the fight, Ant-Man is taken to a maximum security prison, but at the end of the day he is freed by Steve Rogers.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

After being freed from the raft by Captain America, Scott made a deal with the US government and the UN. He was allowed to return home on condition that he was given house arrest for two years and served a suspended sentence for the next three years. He was banned from any contact with Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne as well as Captain America and the other wanted Avengers. Scott mainly used the time to concentrate on his family, he saw his daughter often and his relationship with his ex-wife and her boyfriend improved more and more.

Furthermore, he founded a company with his ex-criminal colleagues around Luis which sold security systems. One day, 3 days before the end of his house arrest, when he was in the bathtub, Scott had a dream about his stay at Quantum Realm, the only difference being that shortly afterwards he saw Hank's wife, Janet van Dyne, hiding with little Hope played. Then he called Hank and explained to him what he had dreamed about the mailbox. Thereupon he was kidnapped by Hope while he was sitting on the couch and taken to Hank's laboratory. Previously, Scott's ankle cuff had been attached to an enlarged ant, which now took over all of his activities.

Scott was informed by Hank and Hope that in the years since his trip to the Quantum Realm they had been busy building a tunnel in it, as Hope's mother could potentially still be alive. They assumed that the brief opening of the tunnel 5 minutes before Scott's call had activated a transmitter that Janet had placed in his head during Scott's excursion into the Quantum Realm. Before they could find out more about it, however, they had to repair the tunnel first.

Hope went to her supplier Sonny Burch, who should give them the last component for the tunnel, but he had discovered their real identity and wanted to buy the laboratory, which Hope refused, whereupon she was attacked by his henchmen. Hope managed to overcome this with her Wasp suit and get the device until Ghost showed up and it looked like she would win the fight because of her skills. Hank gave Scott, who had been waiting with him in a car outside the building, a prototype of a new Ant-Man suit. Together they apparently managed to force Ghost to flee, but they took the device and stole the laboratory, which was located in a shrinkable building.

With the help of Hank's former S.H.I.E.L.D. colleague Dr. Bill Foster managed to discover the whereabouts of Ghost, whereupon Ant-Man and the Wasp broke into it. However, this turned out to be a trap, as Bill Foster was on Ghost's side, as he wanted to heal Ghost, who had suffered from quantum anomalies in an accident, by using Janet's quantum energy, which she had received from her almost 30 year stay in the Quantum Realm , wanted to withdraw, despite the risks. They managed to take back the laboratory and the device by faking Hank into cardiac arrest.

They opened the tunnel and Janet, through her connection to Scott, explained how to get her out of the Quantum Realm. However, they could not free her because Luis had revealed her whereabouts and they were surrounded by the FBI. Scott managed to escape home, so no involvement could be proven. Shortly afterwards he freed Hope and Hank from the FBI office and together they brought back the laboratory, which had come back into the hands of Ghost and Bill Foster. Scott distracted Ghost while Hank sank through the tunnel with his new suit into the Quantum Realm to free his wife from it.

Burch managed to regain possession of the laboratory, whereupon Scott and Hope pursued him and his men. Burch was the only one to flee by ferry, but he was followed by Scott, who had become Giant-Man due to a malfunction of the prototype, and he got the laboratory back, which he was able to enlarge to full size on the mainland. Once there, Scott, who was saved from the water by Hope, and Hope fought against Ghost, who had started to drain Janet's energy. When Janet and Hank were back to full size, Janet was able to cure Ghost temporarily and Scott made his way home, having been seen as a giant man and the end of his house arrest was imminent.

At the last second, Scott made it home and he was released from his ankle cuff. In the weeks that followed, Scott helped Hank, Hope, and Janet build a smaller version of the tunnel in the trunk of a car, and Scott briefly traveled back to Quantum Realm to get healing particles for Ghost. When he was about to return, the radio communication to Hank broke off because all three were blown away by Thano's finger snap.

Avengers: Endgame

After 5 years since Thanos wiped out half of the living beings, Ant-Man returns from the Quantum Realm and slowly realizes that almost all of them have died, but to his delight, his daughter Cassie was spared and became a teenager. Scott went to the Avengers and said it was only 5 hours for him in the Quantum Realm and found a chance to bring everyone back and build a time machine. Scott travels with Tony Stark, Captain America and Professor Hulk in 2012 to get the space stone, after which the unsuccessful Ant-Man travels back to the year 2023, Iron Man and Captain America will travel further back in time to get the space stone. When everyone returned through Hulk's snap, the Avengers and the superheroes are ready for the final battle. Tony Stark dies after the battle and is buried at his farm. Scott enjoys the night of victory with his daughter and his fiancée Hope. Scott was present at Tony's funeral, as were the superheroes.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania


  • "I didn't steal anything. I just brought back something that I stole." ~ Scott to the police about the suit (Ant-Man)
  • "Don't worry. He can't see me."
    "I can see you." ~ Scott to Hope and Hank about Falcon (Ant-Man)


  • IT-specialist: Scott Lang worked for Vista until he hacked the company and returned any money he thought was illegally obtained back to its previous owners.
  • Technical expert: Scott Lang knows a lot about technology because he has a master's degree in electrical engineering. It is enough to make quick modifications to the Ant-Man suit.
  • Burglar expert: Scott Lang is not only technically gifted, he can also use this ability creatively during break-ins.
  • Melee expert: In the beginning Scott wasn't a very good fighter, but after training with Hope van Dyne he was able to take on Falcon (in a shrunken form).


  • Ant-Man suit: The Ant-Man helmet enables the wearer to communicate and control with ants and other higher-order insects. It uses electromagnetic waves and signals to stimulate the insects olfactory nerve center and mimic their pheromones so that the user can communicate with and control them. It takes mental and emotional commitment for the insects to react to the effect of the device. Without the helmet, you would not survive the shrinking process. The Pym particles allow the user to increase or decrease the size, remove the mass, or add the mass from the subatomic dimension known as the Quantum Realm. The red pym particles allow the user to shrink in size while the blue pym particles allow the user to increase in size. The process of changing size compresses force and energy, thus manifesting short shock waves of the vibrating aura around the target, which they charge with momentum that can strengthen the targets as they enlarge or immediately after they enlarge.
  • Pym Particle Disks: About the size of a coin, the plates with specific shapes are filled with Pym particles. Targets that are affected by red disks shrink to a smaller size. Targets affected by the blue disks enlarge to a larger size.



  • In the comics, Hank Pym was the first ant-man, but Scott Lang later took over the title of ant-man. Scott made his first appearance in the comic strip in March 1979 The Avengers # 181. However, he didn't become the second Ant-Man until a month later Marvel Premiere # 47.
  • Scott Lang's height record is 28 meters. (Ant-Man and the Wasp)
  • Scott said in Endgame that he had never had anything to do with an Infinity Stone, but in Avengers Civil he fought with Vision, who had the thought of a stone.