What is racist behavior

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Module 5 - Holocaust / Shoah, Genocide and Human Rights 35 Racism and Xenophobia * The daily racism It manifests itself in various forms: People are molested because of their obvious belonging to another cultural area. This could be a man with black skin, a Muslim woman with a headscarf, a Romni playing the accordion on the street or an Orthodox Jew with a hat and sidelocks going to the synagogue. Racist attacks can also be violent, including attacks on life and limb. Immigrants and asylum seekers were and are repeatedly affected by this in Central Europe. The Austrian daily newspaper “Der Standard” on experiences with everyday racism Q People with a migration background are regularly confronted with racism in everyday life. What experiences have you gained as a victim or as an intervening passerby? On the evening train to Bischofshofen, a drunken man mauled him in gross racist terms - and the whole train listened in silence. Bumped into and threatened by skinheads on the street, as a child insulted by classmates as "Tschusch" and "Negro", as an elderly lady being taken for granted by the craftsman: incidents of this kind are part of everyday life for people with a migration background. Racism can take many forms. Be it a well-intentioned compliment: “You are from Latin America? You surely have the rhythm in your blood! ", Be it a highly insensitive advertisement, a racist grafitto on house walls or the much more difficult search for living space and work if you have a foreign appearance or a non-German surname (In: Der Standard , November 20, 2016) Inscription on a wall in Vienna Simmering (Photo 2018) Politics for you, FAQ Lara, 12: Why is there racism at all? Answer of the editor: Hello Lara! Racism can have different causes. Often look for it People are simply an outlet to let their problems and frustrations out. They then disparage others in order to feel better about themselves. These others are often people who cannot defend themselves, so they prefer minorities. (...) Some racist people just need something to get rid of their aggression and hatred, which they then direct against foreigners and often blame them directly for their problems . (…) Some people believe that the foreigners will take their jobs away from them. Racism also has a lot to do with intolerance (= narrow-mindedness, narrow-mindedness). Everything that is different is not only rejected, but even fought as "bad" and "bad". Such thoughts are often caused by a lot of ignorance. (...) (https://www.hanisauland.de/ lexikon / r / rassismus.html) Summarize the reasons for racist behavior listed here. Comment on the causes listed. Find three other causes. Work according to M1. Describe whether or in what way you yourself (in school, free time, media) have already experienced everyday racism. Discuss in class what opportunities there are for you or for society to stand up against everyday racism. Discuss the possible backgrounds for the two statements on this label. Working according to M1 + A2 19th century today For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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