Why is money not real

Unfortunately, the money is not real

FOREST CHURCH. At the vocational school center in Waldkirch, work in the training company Intersport Armin is now entering its second round. Under the direction of two teachers, Hermann Schaper and Mr. Schuck, everyday working days in a company are simulated and practiced every Monday in class from 7:50 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

In the purchasing, sales, marketing, personnel purchasing, human resources and accounting departments, the students perform their tasks in two groups of 15 students each, as they do later in professional life. The only differences to the real world of work are: Fictitious goods and fictitious money are traded. The sponsoring company is Intersport Armin in Waldkirch, which provides the product idea and the training company (Üfa) supervises the content.

The tasks of the individual departments can be described as follows: Purchasing works in direct cooperation with sales. The customers' orders (sporting goods) (from other Üfas in Germany) are immediately passed on to the purchasing department so that the goods are ready for sale in the "just-in-time" process, i.e. without storage. The products are only ordered after the order has been received.

Purchasing is also responsible for things that arise around the Üfa, that is, organizing "business trips", purchases to modernize the company (e.g. time recording machine), also the acquisition of office items or taking out various insurance policies for a company Kind are relevant. In the sales department, it is the task of looking after customers and processing inquiries. Further tasks are order entry in Navision (EDP for merchandise management), control of the company's own inventory in close cooperation with the purchasing department. Offers are created, orders booked, sent to accounting and new advertising strategies or catalogs developed in cooperation with marketing. In personnel purchasing, the work ranges from purchasing goods for your own employees to posting the invoices received. New sellers of goods are created with the help of computer programs.

Marketing has the task of representing the company to the outside world. This is done through a self-created homepage including a web shop (http: //www.uefa-intersport-armin.de and through a sales brochure with all products. Marketing processes e-mails and creates PowerPoint presentations for information purposes Üfa can be demonstrated.

In the human resources department, pay slips are posted, job references are issued and wage tax cards are filled out. The main job of HR is to deal with colleagues. Employee salaries are posted and billed. With a time recording device, employees record the breaks and working hours of their colleagues, according to the saying: Trust is good, control is better. It is also the task of HR to view and sort applications, to issue terminations and job references.

In accounting, balance sheets are drawn up, invoices posted, account statements checked and incoming payments and sales checked. The accounting department transfers contributions to health insurances and insurance companies as well as salary payments with modern internet banking. In addition, invoices and delivery notes are checked for prices and quantities. If customers do not pay, a reminder must be written.

In December 2004 the class went to their first Üfa fair at the Walter-Eucken-Gymnasium in Freiburg. Contact was made with all seven Üfa’s present. Three people worked and sold in 60-minute shifts at their own booth. Üfa Intersport Armin achieved sales of almost 260,000 euros, mainly with snowboards (76 percent), soccer balls and Nordic ski boots (6 percent each). Each student spent the rest of the time shopping at the mentioned booths in Personnel Purchasing.

By working in the practice firm, the students can gain very practical experience. "I learn more intensively in these five school hours a day than in five school hours spread over the week," says one of the participants. You empathize with everyday working life and can work independently. The students recognize what a company needs to keep afloat.