Who kicked the Jews out of England?

London / Tel Aviv (AP) - Former British Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn was suspended from his party on Thursday in the dispute over anti-Semitic tendencies.

An independent investigation report had previously found that the party and its ex-boss had allowed discrimination and harassment against Jews. The 71-year-old Corbyn, known as the stubborn, but immediately rejected the allegations as far as possible: "I'm not part of the problem."

The decision was made based on Corbyn's reaction, the party justified its action. One now has to check whether the measure is permanent, said a party spokeswoman for the German press agency. He is no longer allowed to represent Labor in parliament, but is an independent MP. According to the PA news agency, the suspension means that he will be excluded from the party at least until the investigation into his behavior has ended.

There had been harassment and discrimination, the British Commission for Equality and Human Rights (EHRC) had previously announced in its report. The chairwoman of the independent commission, Caroline Waters, emphasized that there were "inexcusable mistakes" that could be traced back to a lack of willingness to combat anti-Semitism.

Corbyn became Labor leader in 2015. Under the leadership of the old left, the party suffered its worst defeat since 1935 in the parliamentary elections last December. He focused on social issues and for a long time did not show a clear course on the subject of Brexit. Young voters celebrated him like a rock star for a long time, but Corbyn did not score much in the general population. In April 2020 he was finally replaced by Keir Starmer.

For years, critics have accused the British Social Democrats of anti-Semitic tendencies - for example in posts on social media. Several MPs left the party in protest. In 2018, Corbyn admitted that disciplinary proceedings against anti-Semitic party members had been carried out too slowly and timidly.

Corbyn was also often criticized. He had refused to apologize to Jews for anti-Semitic tendencies in his party. Critics also accused the old left of one-sided support for the Palestinians in the Middle East conflict. Even before he became Labor leader, according to the British media, he described Hamas, which ruled the Gaza Strip and which the EU has classified as a terrorist organization, as "friends".

The Israeli Diaspora Ministry welcomed the results of the investigation report. "The conclusions did not come as a surprise," said Jogev Karasenty, head of the department for combating anti-Semitism, the German press agency. The election of Starmer as Labor leader is a very positive development. Jewish members now felt welcomed back into the party and it was a positive message for Jewish communities about their future in Britain, Karasenty said.

"In view of the increasing anti-Semitic tendencies and acts of violence in many European countries, the clear stance of the new Labor party leadership is exemplary and encouraging for Holocaust survivors," emphasized Christoph Heubner from the International Auschwitz Committee in Berlin.

The President of the Conference of European Rabbis (CER) and Chief Rabbis of Moscow, Pinchas Goldschmidt, said: "We are delighted that Labor is grappling with its immediate past and hope that Jews will soon feel comfortable again, with one of the to become associated with both parties in the British political system. "

And Corbyn? He was "always determined to eradicate all forms of racism," he responded to the investigation report. But he regrets that the change has taken so long. His successor Starmer spoke of a "day of shame" for Labor. The party must now submit an action plan within six weeks.

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