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Jazz rock / fusion and funk rock




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History of jazz rock

In the mid-1960s, jazz rock or rock jazz (also called fusion) developed in America. The beginnings come from New York City with the band "Jeremy and the Satyrs". Jazz, funk and rock music combine in the jazz rock music style. The whole thing is also known as fusion. Several bands followed this style of music. For example the group "Blues Project", which combined folk rock, blues and jazz. In Europe too, jazz rock emerged from the jazz genre. Musicians at the time were John McLaughlin and Jack Bruce.


Jazz was first created using acoustic instruments such as the trumpet. Now electric instruments - like electric guitars and synthesizers - were added. All jazz rock musicians and all instruments are equally integrated into the piece of music.


Important bands of jazz rock: At the end of the 1960s, the jazz rock group "Blood, Sweat & Tears" became very popular. They very skillfully merged the aspects of jazz, blues and rock music. Well-known albums are: 1972 - "New Blood", 1974 - "Mirror Image", 1976 - "In Concert" and also 1976 - "More than ever". The last album of this legendary group was released in 1980. It is entitled: "Nuclear Blues". The following instruments were used in this band: trumpets, trombones, saxophone and tuba, piano, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and flute.

Another typical example in jazz rock is the band "Chicago". It was founded in Chicago in 1967. Rock sounds and jazz winds were combined with each other. From the many releases of this band, only three albums should be mentioned: 1969 - "Chicago Transit Authority", 1975 - "Chicago IX - the Greatest Hits" and 2003 - "The Box".

A European jazz rock band of this time is the band: "Colosseum". She is from Great Britain. The music style of the band goes into jazz, rock and blues. The group has released these albums, among others: 1970 - "Daughter of Time", 1976 - "Strange New Flesh" and 2003 - Tomarrow's Blues.

Over the years, many albums have been released by a wide variety of musicians who have dealt with the styles of jazz rock and fusion. Here you can also find well-known names like: Carlos Santana with the album from 1980: "The Swing of Delight", or Frank Zappa with the album: "Uncle Meat" from 1969.


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History of funk rock


In the years around 1980 in California, a mix of heavy metal, soul and funk became the genre of funk rock. Hip-hop has also been woven in since 1990. The difference can be heard in the sound. Funk metal is harder, while funk rock has integrated softer sounds. The instruments of funk rock are guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, trumpet and saxophone.

Many New Wave or Post Punk bands took over funk and combined it in their music. The first musicians of funk rock were the rock bands "Funkadelic" and "Mothers Finest".


Funk rock bands: Many rock bands followed who incorporated funk into their music - here are some representatives of this genre:

  • "Blackeyed Blonde" - this band comes from Saarbrücken. The style of the band is shaped by the music genres rock, metal, funk and hip-hop. In 1995 the title appeared: "Masafagga". It was 76th in the chart for 3 weeks. In 1996 this band had a similar success called "Do Ya Like That Shit". He was to be found at number 76 in the charts for 1 week.

  • "Spin Doctors" - this rock group comes from the USA. They make music in the style of funk, jazz, 70s rock and folk. Successful albums of the band are: 1991 - "Up for Grabs", 1992 - "Homebelly Groove" and 1996 - "You´ve Gott o Believe in Something".

  • "Fishbone" - a band from California whose style is funk rock. Successful albums are: 1991 - "The Reality of My Surroundings", 1996 - Chim Chims Bad Ass Revenge ", 2005 -" Live in Amsterdam "and 2007 -" Still Stuck in Your Throat ".

  • "Living Color" - a rock band from New York that was formed in 1984. You belong to the association of black musicians. They too make music that is assigned to rock, funk, hip hop and dance music. You worked with Mick Jagger. The following LPs are successful: 1988 - "Vavid", 1990 - "Times Up", 1993 - "Stain" and 2009 - "The Chair in the Doorway".