What are the disadvantages of friendship

What are the 7 benefits of having friends according to science?

Last update: May 24, 2017

Our friends are one of the most important pillars in our life. Anyone lucky enough to have friends by their side knows this. Being able to count on someone who loves us and who also counts on us makes problems seem smaller and gives our life so many feelings and moments. But it's not only that. Science has also found that friendship has other important advantages for us.

Good friends don't have to be perfect or meet all of our needs. It is enough for them to accept us, to be interested in what is happening to us and to be ready to listen to us. Friendship is a gift that is as simple as it is huge.

“Friendship is more complicated and rarer than love. Therefore you have to take care of it as it is. "

Alberto Moravia

Various studies have shown that having good friends improves our health, and that on both a physical and a mental level. In order to bring these benefits closer to you, in the course of this article we would like to educate you about the seven benefits we can enjoy when we have friends.

1. Friends help reduce stress

Stress can have many origins. The most common cause, however, is having difficulty dealing adequately with everyday pressures. Stress is created when we are under pressure in the present and our means of accepting it and adapting to it seem inadequate.

Friends clearly help us relieve pressure. The mere fact of having someone listening reduces stress. The feeling of support that friends give us reduces our fears. Because of this, they allow us to control stress and thereby many of the problems that come with it.

2. They help us take better care of ourselves

According to one in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science published research people who had good friends would enjoy better health. That doesn't seem like a surprising fact when we consider that friendship improves the quality of life.

When you have someone by your side who really cares about you, you take more care of yourself. Those who feel lonely, on the other hand, place less value on their own health. When you feel that nobody cares about you, it makes it harder for you to take care of yourself, and it affects your health.

3. Those who have friends feel less pain

A publication in Psychosomatic Medicine showed a connection between the physical sensation of pain and the affection experienced. It could be determined that people who have a loving environment perceive pain less intensely.

The same thing happens in the opposite case. The people who isolate themselves the most tend to experience more intense physical pain. We must not forget that any physical pain also brings emotional suffering. But those who have friends are also better off emotionally. And that leads to the fact that the physical pain is further reduced.

4. The heart is strengthened

A study carried out at Duke University (North Carolina, USA) proved that that people with close friendships have healthier cardiovascular systems. Here friendship was compared to sport: Both factors have a positive effect on the heart.

A group of 1,000 people were tested to conduct this study. Each of them suffered from cardiovascular disease. Half of the subjects who had no friends died within five years. However, 85% of those who had friends by their side were still alive.

5. They extend our life expectancy

In the year 2010 A group of researchers from the UK made a meta-analysis of 148 studies on the relationship between loving relationships and death rates. They wanted to determine how different the research results were. In total, their meta-analysis included data collected from 300,000 test subjects.

The results were amazing. Every study carried out to date has shown a clear connection between loneliness and death. It was evident that those who had friends had a higher life expectancy. Friendship therefore has an undeniable effect on how old we get.

6. They help prevent obesity

It sounds incredible, and science has still not found a clear explanation for the link between friendship and obesity, although genetic, metabolic, and psychological factors are known to play a role. Some theories suggest that weight gain is a form of defense. A person would gain weight if they felt vulnerable.

One in the magazine Annals of Behavioral Medicine published study attempted to elucidate this point. According to this study, friendship is a very important factor when it comes to compensating for feelings, as much as eating. People with friends wouldn't normally eat compulsively.

7. Friends improve our acumen

Human interaction is one factor that stimulates the brain. The simple fact of having a conversation or rethinking one's mind increases the activity of our brains. On the other hand, those who cut themselves off from the outside world usually lose cognitive abilities.

This is even more pronounced in people who have a mental illness. One of the triggers of a mental illness is said isolation and one of the factors that contribute most to healing is friendship.

Having a boyfriend means having treasure, you shouldn't doubt that. It's not about having a lot of friends. Our goal should be to learn to be good friends to others. Everything else comes by itself. As we've seen, the benefits are immense. But apart from that, friends beautify our existence because they are the best antidote to a dreary life.

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