Is the actuary after approx.

Justus Lücke - actuary at Versicherungsforen Leipzig GmbH

Which company do you work for and in what position / in which area do you work there? What are your tasks?

I work at Versicherungsforen Leipzig GmbH, where I am in charge of the “Management & Controlling” competence field. In general, I am involved in research and development for the insurance industry - especially in the areas of life insurance and data analysis. In particular, this means: developing new ideas, writing studies or writing seminars for employees of insurance companies.

How did you get this position and what is your professional career like?

After completing my studies, I started working in actuarial consulting at BELTIOS GmbH in Cologne. There I initially worked as a junior consultant, later as a consultant, in the area of ​​migrating policy management systems in life insurance. This provided a very good introduction to business processes and product costing in life insurance. At the same time, I started training as an actuary (DAV). After about 2.5 years, I switched to controlling for the life insurance division at AXA in Cologne. At that time I was responsible, among other things, for the planning / extrapolation of a life insurance company. This was particularly interesting because, following the basics of product calculation, it enabled a look at the “big picture”: costs, investments, reinsurance, etc. Since mid-2011 I have been working at the insurance forums in Leipzig. In the fall of 2011, I also successfully completed my training as an actuary (DAV).

How did you start your career and how did your studies prepare you for practical work?

The start of the career was very pleasant, even if a certain degree of independence was required. The job was new to me, as I had only dealt with the IT and actuarial subjects on the fringes of my studies. However, sufficient time was given for familiarization. The course prepared for this mainly by constantly dealing with new problems and familiarizing them with them.

To what extent do you apply the skills and specialist knowledge you have learned during your studies in your job?

The knowledge in the field of stochastics / statistics and the courses in actuarial mathematics were particularly helpful to me. This is essentially based on the theory of probability. In addition, my knowledge of stochastic processes, which I acquired as part of my diploma thesis, helped me. However, since fewer direct applications were practiced during the course, the job brought numerous new challenges with it. However, the “problem-solving skills” I acquired during my mathematics studies helped me to grasp problems quickly and to find solutions.

Think back to your studies in Göttingen ...

Although I was born in Göttingen, I only really got to know and love Göttingen while studying: the size of the city, the green, sport at the IfL, Gänseliesel. In addition, I always had a lot of fun working in the student committees (student council, faculty council) and trained the "soft skills" in the process.

What tips do you give students and young professionals?
You should also get involved in addition to your studies, be it in sports, university politics, in the social field or something similar. There you learn a lot that is usually not seen as a mathematician's core competency. Otherwise, I recommend asking the question about the practical applicability of what you have learned from time to time, even if mathematicians are generally in demand simply because of their ability to solve complex problems. An internship can do no harm here. When starting your career, it also makes sense to create a profile on Xing or LinkedIn, as this often results in interesting job offers.