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Work better and more effectively with Excel

Excel training

Excel is very flexible, widely used, and data is often available in Excel format. No wonder Excel is used so often for data manipulation and analysis, as well as for financial models.

However, not every user can work effectively and efficiently with Excel. This requires certain knowledge and skills that have to be learned ... preferably in a training course from me, in which you learn according to your wishes and needs.

Your advantages:

  • Focus on tasks:
    In all training courses, learning takes place on the basis of practice-oriented tasks or a realistic case study.
  • Best Practice:
    Participants learn best practice procedures as well as tips and tricks.
  • Experienced, motivated teacher:
    I bring my many years of Excel experience and enthusiasm to use in all training courses ... that's how learning is fun!
  • Handouts:
    Participants receive handouts for reference, which help to work more efficiently and effectively with Excel even after the training.

You can find short Excel training examples on my Excel website


Data analysis


Business modeling


Excel macros

Learning objective

Effective data processing and analysis using Excel functions and tools including reference, pivot tables, graphics and target value search

Your advantages
  • In all workshops the focus is on practice-oriented taskswhich are solved with the help of relevant Excel functions and tools.
  • Participants learn Best practice Procedures and tips and tricks.
  • Participants receive a unilateral Handout with the best Excel shortcutsto work more efficiently and effectively.
Learning objective

The planning, development and
Use of a financial model including value drivers and integrated arithmetic units as well as the mapping and evaluation of scenarios

Your advantages
  • The training takes place by means of a Case studyso that participants learn in a practical and goal-oriented manner.
  • Tricks and tips are explained at relevant points.
  • Participants learn the Best practice Approach as well Golden modeling rules.
  • As Handouts Participants receive a summary of the "Modeling Golden Rules" as well as an overview of possible value drivers for reference.
Learning objective

The development, testing and execution of VBA macros for the automated execution of regular tasks

Your advantages
  • Effective learning: The VBA training takes place using staggered tasks that increase in complexity.
  • Participants learn the best Practice approach for VBA development as well as testing and debugging.
  • Participants receive an extensive Handout with useful code examples to create VBA macros more efficiently and effectively.
  • At the end of the training there is also a macro that you need ready to use.

»Get more out of Excel! (pdf)
»Get more out of Excel! (pdf)