Which apps companies have made the best use of gamification?

11 great examples of gamification from successful companies

In a digitized world in which attention is the new oil, companies and marketers are always looking for new methods to inspire potential customers, users and even their own employees and to keep them engaged.


At the beginning of the 2000s, a new trend arose in companies to implement playful elements in everyday business and thus increase the fun factor. The magic word here is: gamification.


The application of game-typical elements is nowadays not only used to motivate employees. It also has a positive effect on customer acquisition and loyalty among customers and users.


There are now many successful examples of gamification, including some world-famous companies such as Amazon, Domino’s Pizza, Audi, SAP and many more.


With special elements and tactics such as puzzles, experience points, level advancement, trophies and much more. motivates gamification stakeholders to playfully stay on the ball and continuously improve.


In this post we will explain what gamification exactly is and show you 11 great gamification examples from the last few years. Let's play!




What does gamification mean?


The marketing term is derived from the English word “game”. In German usage, the terms gamification and gamification are most frequently used. According to Wikipedia, the term gamification describes the use of common game elements in a fundamentally alien context.


Like everyone else, you have an innate need to improve your skills, learn new things and compete with others. Games address these typical needs for us humans.


With special mechanisms, such as puzzles, experience points, level advancement, increasing the level of difficulty or through awards and trophies, the games motivate you to keep going and to continuously improve.


If the tried and tested game principles are used in a non-game-related context, you can increase your motivation, improve your stamina and influence your behavior accordingly.


Gamification can even make a generally boring, monotonous task much more interesting. This motivates you to deal with even more difficult problems and tasks. So you can be curious to see which gamification examples we have put into this post for you.