What should I know before visiting Surabaya

Weather in Surabaya, Indonesia

Not sure if it will rain in Surabaya today?

Would you like to see the weather in Surabaya for a month? Or just a 14 day forecast for Surabaya?

You can find all this data as well as more detailed information on humidity, wind speed and rain probability in Surabaya and more on our website.

Current weather in Surabaya

Whether you live in Surabaya or just visiting, it's always a good idea to be at least one step ahead of the weather.

The temperature in Surabaya is currently ° C. The maximum temperature expected for today is ° C with a minimum temperature of ° C.

A lot of information is available to you so that you are always prepared for everything that Mother Nature has in store for you.

The forecasts for the weather in Surabaya are available from both desktop and mobile.

Whether you're at home and want to prepare for the day's weather, or you're out and about and want to know if you need to bring an umbrella, this is where you'll find all the information you need to know about the Surabaya weather to make the most of your day.

Wetter2.com weather forecast

Our modern and reliable weather services can help you prepare for the hours, days and even months ahead for Surabaya weather.

A precise and fast loading weather forecast for Surabaya is just a few clicks away with our online weather services.

The weather can change instantly. If you're looking for up-to-date information on the weather in Surabaya, you've come to the right place.

With forecast updates every minute, you always know what to expect from the weather in Surabaya - rain, sun, sleet or snow!

Surabaya Weather Forecast

If you plan to visit Surabaya in the next 14 days, you can be prepared for any weather with our 14-day weather forecast for Surabaya.

If you plan to travel to Surabaya in the more distant future, you can check the Weather by Month page, for example Surabaya weather in May.

By compiling weather data for Surabaya and displaying it on a monthly basis, you can better identify recurring weather phenomena in Surabaya during the different seasons.

It is easy to see in which months there is mild weather in Surabaya, in which months an extra layer of sunscreen is recommended and in which months it is necessary to dress a little warmer.

With our weather services you will never be surprised by the weather in Surabaya!

Weather in Surabaya - FAQ

Is it going to rain in Surabaya today?
The chance of rain for Surabaya today is%.
What is the current weather like in Surabaya?
The weather in Surabaya is currently at a temperature of ° C.
What is the hottest month in Surabaya?
The hottest month in Surabaya with an average temperature of 33 ° C is November.
What is the coldest month in Surabaya?
The coldest month in Surabaya with an average temperature of 24 ° C is August.