Which jobs pay roughly double the minimum wage

Your salary during the apprenticeship

* In this case, it is not enough to have your own apartment. You can only receive student BAföG if you need more than two hours from your parents for the outward and return journey (on at least three days of the week)! (This also includes the waiting time before and after class)

By the way: If you have to or want to break off your school education, you do not have to repay any student BAföG (unless you were at an academy or higher technical school, of course).

Do my parents have to support me during my apprenticeship?

Your parents have to support you financially during your education if you are not entitled to government support. Your parents are particularly obliged to help you financially if your BAB application was rejected because your parents' income was too high - they can't talk their way out of that either. Incidentally, this also applies to child benefit: If you are under 25 and in training, your parents will continue to receive child benefit and if you no longer live at home, they will have to pay you the child benefit. If they refuse, you can submit a special application to the responsible child benefit office so that the money is transferred directly to your account. The payment of child benefit does not stop until your in-company training also comes to an end. In the month in which you officially receive the overall result of your final examination in writing, the child benefit payment also ends.

As a trainee, am I entitled to housing benefit?

Housing benefit is a state benefit for citizens who need a rent allowance because their income is too low. Before you can apply for housing benefit, you must first apply for vocational training allowance (BAB). Because that is decisive for whether you are allowed to receive housing benefit or not. You will only receive housing benefit if your BAB application has been rejected, e.g. because you are already doing your second training. Small consolation: If you don't get a BAB, you have a good chance of receiving housing benefit. You must submit the relevant application to the housing benefit office of the municipality in which your apartment is located. If you want to know how much housing benefit you are entitled to, simply use one of the many practical housing benefit calculators on the Internet.

Does my training company have to reimburse me for travel expenses?

Unfortunately, no law stipulates in your company that you have to be reimbursed for your commute to work. It looks different, however, if you are to be deployed to a location that is not specified as the training location in the training contract. In this case, the training company must cover the travel costs. The same applies to courses, training courses and other advanced training courses outside of your training company. Some collective agreements also regulate when the travel allowance has to be paid. The best thing to do is to ask the relevant trade union if there is a collective agreement for your training company.