What makes Cambodia better than Vietnam

Cambodia or Vietnam? These are the highlights of both countries!

Cambodia or Vietnam? Regardless of which of the two travel destinations you choose, the same applies to both countries: the magic often only happens when you leave the beaten tourist path. The famous attractions - like thatHalong Bay, Hanoi, Hoi An andSaigon in Vietnam, as wellAngkor Wat, Siem Reapand Phnom Penh in Cambodia - are worth every second, but these Southeast Asian countries offer countless hidden treasures that are waiting to be discovered in the midst of foggy mountains, emerald green bays and endless rice fields.

Once a year, go to a place you don't know yet.

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Our travel experts have roamed Vietnam and Cambodia to the furthest corners to discover the most beautiful holiday destinations and activities for you. So the best moment to finally see these special places with your own eyes, completely away from the tourist crowds!

Cambodia or Vietnam? A brief description of both countries

The elongated, S-shaped Vietnam is a treasure trove of overwhelming beauty. The north is characterized by the snow-dotted peaks, the breathtaking Halong Bay, the remote hill tribes in the Sapa Valley and of course the vibrant city of Hanoi. In central Vietnam, the historic city of Huế and the old town of Hoi An beckon. The south offers with Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) an incomparable mixture of past and present, as well as the winding Mekong Delta with its shimmering magic of rural Vietnam.

Cambodia, on the other hand, boasts timeless landmarks: the magnificent Angkor Wat temples, the lavish boom town of Siem Reap, the capital Phnom Penh with its mixture of colonial buildings and New Khmer architecture, or the Tone Sap and Mekong rivers, whose waterways form the basis of life for many people .

While all of these travel destinations guarantee unforgettable holiday moments, not far from the hustle and bustle you will find almost untouched oases of calm that only a few lucky ones have seen.

Cambodia or Vietnam? Our insider tips for the popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia

T So the question shouldn't even be: Cambodia or Vietnam? Rather: where to go in both countries? Here is an overview.

Vietnam off the beaten path

Mu Cang Chai (North Vietnam)

Discover the pristine landscapes of Mu Cang ChaSo Vietnam Travel is unique: Imagine endless rice terraces in your mind's eye. Here and there smoke rises from tiny village houses. A narrow river makes its way through the green hilly landscape, while children run happily through the grass.

Go trekking, hiking and biking along endless rice terraces - Mu Cang Chai is one of the very special travel destinations in Vietnam.

With pleasantly cool temperatures of around 18 ° C all year round and the light haze of fog, it feels like the late winter of the tropical lowlands. The small village and its surroundings are home to various ethnic groups. So if you wish to meet the remote hill tribes of Vietnam, then this is the ideal place. Sapa and Lao Cai are only a few hours away, so Mu Cang Chai is relatively easy to get to. Go trekking, hiking and cycling through this fascinating landscape. Mu Cang Chai is one of the very special travel destinations in Vietnam.

Tip from our experts: Visit Mu Cang Chai during the harvest season between September and early November.

Pu Luong Nature Reserve (North Vietnam)

The stunning beauty of this region has meanwhile got around to many travelers. An idyllic country awaits you with rice terraces, ancient water wheels, impressive mountain passes, abundant flowering nature and picturesque villages of ethnic diversity - simply the perfect place to immerse yourself in the lesser-known Vietnam. Hike through this paradisiacal reserve that stretches over a vast area between Mai Chau and Cuc Phuong National Park.

Tip from our experts: In Pu Luong it can get quite hot in summer due to the low altitude. To cool off, we recommend the Ban Hieu waterfall, which is a short walk away.

Buon Me Thuot (Central Vietnam)

This caffeine capital of Vietnam is located in the central highlands and is not on the conventional tourist route. The real attraction of this charming town with its avenues and rich culture is perhaps more in the spacious garden areas at the gates of the city. The city is the ideal starting point for exploring the Dak Lak region: no sooner have you driven out of the city than you are welcomed by dense rainforests, idyllic lakes, rivers and waterfalls. You can also pay a visit to the various indigenous communities in the vicinity of Buon Ma Thuot, or go trekking to the Yok Don National Park, the largest protected reserve in Vietnam.

Go on a trek to the Yok Don National Park, the largest protected reserve in Vietnam.

Tip from our experts: Visit this holiday destination during the biennial coffee festival for an exciting carnival of sports, exhibitions, competitions and of course coffee culture!

Cambodia's undiscovered treasures

Battambang (west)

Battambang, the country's unofficial rice bowl, on the Sangker River, has retained its provincial character, despite being the country's second largest city. Discover a very special blend of French colonial history and original Cambodian culture in the city and the surrounding area. The colonial influence is reflected in the picturesque architecture: colorful shops, French villas and cafes on the waterfront. On the outskirts, on the other hand, there are ancient pagodas, ruins and fairytale country life on the one hand, and the infamous killing fields from the Khmer Rouge on the other. With rural vineyards, temples, local weaving communities and villages, Battambang offers a slice of authentic Cambodia.

With rural vineyards, temples, local weaving communities and villages, Battambang offers a slice of authentic Cambodia.

Tip from our experts: Don't miss the Phare Ponleu Selpak show on your vacation, Cambodia's most popular circus. Socially disadvantaged children and young people are trained by the circus group in acrobatics, music, theater and other art forms that revolve around a variety of modern topics.

Rattanakiri (northeast)

Rattanakiri, which is so remote, is often described as Cambodia's “lost paradise”. In the sparsely populated area, primarily indigenous communities live in traditional huts built on stilts in the middle of mountain forests and lakes. There you will find some of the most biodiverse ecosystems of tropical rainforests and mountains that hardly show any traces of human existence. Go on a solitary excursion into the lush Virachey National Park, swim in the volcanic crater lake Yeak Laom, and discover waterfalls, mines and a variety of animal and bird species - this is Cambodia off the beaten track!

Tip from our experts: Rattanakiri is difficult to access both in the dry season (because of the red dust) and in the rainy season (because of slush). Winter is the best time to visit Rattanakiri, especially between November and December before it gets too dry.

Mondulkiri (east)

The most sparsely populated region of Cambodia, Mondulkiri, literally means “meeting of the hills”. Located high up in the eastern highlands of the country, the local climate spoils you with pleasant temperatures. If you long for real nature, this landscape of green valleys, rolling hills and emerald green forests with waterfalls and rushing streams is just right for you. Thousands of animals and birds cavort in the region's many nature reserves and encourage you to go on nature walks, trekking tours and bike rides. This region is also a valuable cultural experience, as the indigenous Bunong community is at home here.

Waterfalls and rushing streams run through Mondulkiri's green valleys, rolling hills and emerald green forests.

Tip from our experts: Mondulkiri is home to the largest elephant population in all of Cambodia - a highlight on your Kabodscha and Vietnam vacation! Meet these gentle giants in nature reserves and take an elephant ride in the forest!

Cambodia or Vietnam? A difficult decision.- With so many hidden treasures, little-known destinations and undeveloped natural paradises, this part of Asia will cast its spell over you. Our travel experts have traveled to every corner of Cambodia and Vietnam in search of the most extraordinary experiences. We will be happy to help you plan a tour based on your interests and preferences.

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