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Vegetarian & vegan restaurants in the 9th district, Vienna-Alsergrund

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Last updated on May 18, 2021
From the more than 4,400 restaurants in the Austrian capital, our editors have put together for you restaurants with vegetarian & vegan cuisine in 1090 Vienna, the 9th district of Alsergrund. You can find all restaurants in Vienna in the local guide "Wien, wie es isst" published by Falter Verlag, as well as online at
Saving resources and sustainability are very important: all dishes are 100% vegan, packaging and interior design made from natural materials. Vegan burgers and wraps, soft drinks such as Swing Cola, iced tea, raspberry crackers, etc .; handmade desserts such as irene's tiramisu or cheesecake. Take-away. Pub garden. Dog friendly.
Younger child of the big Kim family: shop and day bar, vegetarian-vegan cuisine, selected products, feel-good atmosphere, organic wine ("Belle Naturelle" from the Jurtschitsch winery), organic wines & organic frizzante, KimChi products, fermented vegetables, Cooking salts, Kim's cookbooks available. 8 seats in the restaurant, pavement garden for 8 people.
Pakistani restaurant, you pay as much for the food as you want (fixed prices for drinks). At the buffet with 5 curries to take yourself (3 each vegetarian, 2 with meat), e.g. lentil, chicken or beef curry, all made only from the best products and with home-mixed and ground spices; Focus on vegetarian and vegan dishes, no pork, halal. Also take-away (at fixed prices: small box € 5 to € 7, large box € 8 to € 10); Catering. Magazines and books. 2 children's armchairs; Cellar for 40 people. (There is space for approx. 75 people in the entire restaurant), pavement garden for 4 people. No dogs.
Alternative, collectively run, anti-commercial eatery; vegetarian, vegan and organic meals (MM "pay as you wish"), snacks such as hummus and antipasti; Libertad coffee, premium cola. Catering and cocktail bar on request. Child armchair; Outdoor seating for 25 people. Bicycle service box.
Poke bowls, açaí bowls, breakfast bowls; Smoothies. All ingredients organic and vegan; Take-away in plastic-free packaging.
Vegan bistro with bowls, burgers and street food.
Bistro integrated in the organic supermarket, light and fast cuisine - also to take away. 9-12 breakfast; DD / MM (vegetarian € 6.20, with soup or salad € 8.90 / with meat € 7.20, with soup or salad € 9.90), daily changing types of filled bread, salads, soups; Freshly squeezed organic juices, coffee (also to go), cocoa and tea. All food and drinks are 100% organic, many are also vegan, gluten-free or lactose-free (all labeled); Fair trade products.
Vegan ice cream, classic and innovative types of ice cream such as basil; Ice cream sandwiches "Inbetwiener", ice cream with sugar alternatives such as birch sugar or maple syrup, gluten-free varieties and gluten-free Stanitzel; suitable for lactose intolerant people. Seasonal specialties such as speculoos, cinnamon and blood orange for Christmas or pumpkin in autumn. Boxes to take away (0.5l, 1l, 1.5l); Coupons.
Health food store and vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free buffet (9–18.30 M with salad € 7.90, M with soup and salad € 8.90), student plates (from € 5.90), 15 salads, 10 casseroles (also vegan , gluten-free and lactose-free), cereal loaves; Wed Ayurvedic cuisine; vegan, gluten-free and spelled flour dishes; freshly squeezed juices; Take away meals; individual catering (fresh salads, flour dishes, main dishes, snacks and drinks). Vegetables, fresh fruit, Demeter cereals. 8 seats.
Vegetarian wholefood cuisine and vegan dishes for almost 50 years, MM, salad buffet with self-service; small portions possible; Catering from 5 people; for closed events up to 50 people. rentable. Child armchair. Affiliated health food store with a great assortment (cheese!).
Mainly vegetarian / vegan dishes, organic products, soups; 11 beers on tap, craft beers. 4 TV, table football; every now and then live events. Possibilities for parties and buffets for up to 100 people. Guest garden in the WUK courtyard for approx. 100 people.

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