What is SAS JMP


SAS is software for statistical evaluation and analysis of data, similar to IBM SPSS Statistics, Stata and R.

The best way to get started with the program is via the point and click environments SAS Studio or SAS Enterprise Guide. Experienced users prefer the diverse programming capabilities of the system via editor windows. The strength of the software lies in the numerous interfaces to database applications and the (almost) unlimited possibilities to process large amounts of data - big data.

The JMP software is a program that focuses on exploratory data analysis and visualization.

Heidelberg University has signed its own campus contract with SAS Institute, under which rental licenses are available. The following components are included in this contract:

The license costs are mainly borne by the two medical faculties Heidelberg and Mannheim, the Institute for Sociology, the ZI Mannheim and the URZ.

License holders

Employees and students at Heidelberg University
(if their institution contributes to the financing)

The software may be used in research (non-commercial) and teaching ("T&R use"), in particular for teaching purposes and the implementation of courses. In the event that you are planning to use it for commercial purposes or in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčadministration, please contact the URZ.

The use of the software at home (home use option) and the distribution of the software to students by the faculties is permitted.

Because of the documentation requirement, the URZ requires the contact persons in the institutions involved to keep a list of the installations that have been made and the names of the home users and students who use the software.


The software is stored on the Windows drive \ netfilem.ad.uni-heidelberg.de \ apps in the SAS_SW folder in the form of software depots for the contact persons of the participating institutions (access only from the university network).


No courses on SAS or JMP are offered at the URZ, as the manufacturer offers a wide range of excellent training options including certification:

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