Can you eat sugar cane

Sugar cane

Sugar cane is a plant that only grows on water.

Properties [edit]

Sugar cane grows up to three blocks high, but generating the world can rarely produce taller plants. In addition, it can be increased by further sugar cane blocks.

Sugar cane cannot be destroyed by water or lava, so it can be used to divert these liquids. As a player, it can be walked through without any problems, but water can be kept away from it.

Note: At least in the Bedrock edition, sugar cane can be destroyed by water.

Arrows can penetrate sugar cane and will not get stuck. Thus it can be used to camouflage throwers.

The color of sugar cane adapts to the biome in which it grows. With sugar cane, however, the color changes less than with grass and leaves

Occurrence [edit]

Sugar cane can naturally occur wherever blocks of grass, earth or sand are directly adjacent to water, e.g. B. on lakes, rivers or oceans.


Sugar cane can be bought from a traveling vendor, namely 1 sugar cane for an emerald.

Cultivation, growth and harvest

For planting, sugar cane must be placed on blocks of grass, soil, coarse soil, podsol, sand or red sand. There must also be water right next to this block.

Sugar cane doesn't need light to grow. The plants reach their maximum height of three blocks relatively quickly, but they can also be expanded manually to include additional sugar cane blocks. Sugar cane grows just as quickly on sand as it does on earth or blocks of grass.

It is also possible to plant sugar cane in or under water if these conditions are met. By growing underwater, sugar cane is suitable for creating an air bubble so that you can breathe underwater. To do this must Next the bottom block be water. So on the shallow bottom of the water you have to dig a hole next to the soil block that fills with water. Then simply put two blocks of sugar cane on top of each other on the floor block. If you stand in the sugar cane, there is air there, so that the breathing air display fills up again.

If the water next to sugar cane fields is removed or if it freezes to ice, the sugar cane drops as soon as it receives a block update (e.g. by a redstone signal). However, this method of harvesting is not particularly effective as the plants have to be replanted over and over again. If the water next to the sugar cane freezes into brittle ice, it won't do any harm.

Similar to cacti, sugar cane can be harvested faster if you remove the bottom block. As a result, all the sugar cane blocks above disintegrate. If you only remove the blocks above the bottom one instead, the sugar cane will grow back again. No tools are required to mine sugar cane.

The growing time of sugar cane is approximately 13-15 minutes for 1-3 pieces when the chunk is loaded. In the Bedrock Edition, the plant can be brought to its maximum size immediately by using bone meal.

To the Cultivation of sugar cane see: Agriculture.

Technology [edit]

Use [edit]

Processing [edit]

Surname ingredients Input ┬╗Output
sugarSugar cane
paperSugar cane

Composter [edit]

If a piece of sugar cane is placed in a composter, the level of the composter increases by exactly one level with a probability of 50%.

Technology [edit]

Block state [edit]

Sugar cane
ageThe age of the plant, which is increased at random intervals. A new plant has the value 0. At 15, the plant can generate another block above itself, provided that the maximum height of three blocks has not yet been reached.

Gallery [edit]

  • Sugar cane can include in the swamp ...

  • ... and occur in the desert.

  • Sugar cane cultivation under water

History [edit]

Version history of the Java Edition
  • Sugar cane as reed added
  • It can be planted on soil and block of grass as long as there is water next to it
  • Underwater it can also be planted on sand
  • Can be further processed into paper
Beta 1.2
  • Renaming of reed in Sugar cane
  • Can be processed into sugar
Beta1.8(Beta 1.8-pre1)
  • Sugar cane also grows on sand and is generated next to desert lakes
  • It can also be planted on sand above water
  • As above water, water is needed next to the soil block under water in order to be able to plant sugar cane
Full version 1.7
  • The color of sugar cane adapts to the biome in which it is located
  • Coarse soil and podsol added as soil variants, sugar cane can also be planted on it
  • Red sand added as a sand variant, sugar cane can also be planted on it
Full version 1.13(17w47a)
Full version 1.14(19w03a)
Versions of the Bedrock Edition
Alpha 0.1.0
  • Sugar cane added
Full version 1.4.0 (
  • Sugar cane can no longer be placed under water
Version history of the console edition
TU1CU11.00Patch 1
TU2CU11.00Patch 1
  • You can walk through sugar cane
TU31CU191.22 Patch 3
  • The color adapts to the biome