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Tips for your outreach link building

Backlinks continue to have a high priority in ranking. Backlinks are often the key to success, especially when the competition is strong, i.e. there is competition for a certain keyword.

Well there are many different types of backlinks. Today we want to address a very special one: the Backlinks through outreach.

With outreach link building, we want to publish high-quality guest articles on interesting blogs and large magazines without paying any money. The top priority is here absolute added value for the cooperation to offer.

The visitors of the referring page should read our (good!) Content and at the same time we get a backlink. The best outreach is not a link begging, but a cooperation on an equal footing with a win-win for both sides.

Here are my tips for the perfect outreach

In order for your outreach skills to be raised to the next level and for you to ultimately be successful, we have to make one thing clear:

Contacting people via email still works

Of course, you shouldn't fall straight into the house with the door. Directly advertising and selling the product is not advisable and is often unsuccessful.

Send emails to the right person

Most of the time, the emails go to the wrong person. Usually the email is simply sent to the address given in the legal notice and reaches the next student trainee or the company mailing list.

The e-mail will certainly not be passed on to the possible responsible person (SEO, marketing department, boss, blogger, press department) and this will reduce our chances of success.

You want to make it as easy as possible for the other party. You would like to give the suggested topic, the complete process and your entire offer to the right person.

So the first step should be a quick research on LinkedIn.

Who is responsible for the website? This can be the blogger himself, but the marketing department or press department can also be easily found through LinkedIn.

You could also find the author's email address on the blog so that you can write to this person directly.

Your advantage would be:

  • You end up with the right person
  • You can address the person by name and you are immediately more personal
  • the person realizes that you made an effort

There are also tools for finding out such contact addresses:

Hunter.io- There you enter the name of the company and you get the company's emails including sources where they were found.

Another tool would be voilanorbert.com. Here you can carry out up to 50 free searches. This tool is my favorite because it works a lot more precisely and outputs probabilities.

The last candidate is clearbit.com, a plugin for Gmail and Outlook - also free.

Earlier still went whois queries, but this has become more difficult since the GDPR.

Competitor analysis

How do I find suitable websites?
Check out the competition for that. I mostly use Ahrefs.com and check out the top 5 inbound links that aren't easy to get (Easy: Directories, blog comments, forums etc ..).

You can do these portals Write in a targeted manner, since you already know that these portals have assigned a topic-relevant backlink. Here you have to try to bring further relevant added value.

Topic relevance

Which blogs or websites should you write to in general?
I don't just want blogs about my topic write, but also blogs around my topic.

There is usually a lot more choice here and the relevance is still given.

For example, a pharmacy might get links about travel pharmacies from tour operators. Just something here look beyond the box and you can find enough suitable candidates.

Search on google

Patrick Tomforde and Michael Jahn's link building agency showed me this great link building approach (thank you again!).

Use the following scheme to easily search for good opportunities on Google:

  • Keyword + "become a guest author"
  • Keyword + "Author Guidelines"
  • Keyword + "guest post"
  • Keyword + "become an author"
  • Keyword + "guest article"

Here you can quickly find pages that are specifically looking for guest authors for your chosen keyword.

Added value through references to broken links

It's pretty old, but it still often works.

Look for broken links on the landing page.

Use my absolute favorite for this ScreamingFrog at hand. Let the owner of the page know about the broken link (added value) and hope that they have a better chance for the guest post.


Link building through outreach is old but still effective. It depends on the added value. If your counterpart receives a boring standard mail, he will not answer. Direct speeches, wit and added value are still the key to success.

Do you have other options for outreach? Then feel free to write me in the comments.