How does the ultrasonic cleaning work

How exactly does ultrasonic cleaning work and what are the advantages?

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I've heard that an ultrasonic cleaner should be very efficient. How exactly does such an ultrasonic bath work, how long is the cleaning time and what can I put in such an ultrasonic bath without it possibly being damaged?
Chief guru
High-frequency water vibrations act like a tiny little brush. If you pour water into a dirty yogurt glass, not much happens. But if you shake it, the dirt comes off the glass. Ultrasound quasi shakes off the dirt, and because of the high frequency it is "shaken" correspondingly often.
The second effect: Ultrasound creates cavitation on hard surfaces, i.e. tiny bubbles that collapse immediately. This collapse also loosens dirt. For more information, please refer to Wikipedia under cavitation, this is beyond the forum.
With the ultrasonic cleaning it is possible to thoroughly clean even fine and filigree objects. Especially jewelry, watches, glasses, but also other, smaller components are cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning. The object is placed in the ultrasonic bath and exposed to the ultrasonic waves, which are used for cleaning.
Samantha Long
With ultrasonic cleaning, even small components and valuable objects can be cleaned thoroughly but gently. The ultrasound generates wave-like movements in the bathroom, by means of which the dirt can be removed from the object to be cleaned, whereby the object to be cleaned itself is treated gently.
With ultrasonic cleaning, an object that needs to be cleaned is placed in a special bath. The ultrasonic waves create cavities within the liquid. When the cavities close again, this movement pulls the dirt on the surface with it. This means that sensitive components can also be cleaned thoroughly.
Manny Lower
Works as already described above .. The advantages are, ultrasonic brushes clean better, even my dentist recommended it to me. I noticed clear differences too. Teeth are now white and smooth.