Kissing someone else can end a relationship

Big love: if he does that while kissing, you are the one for him

Kissing is a wonderful thing. There is nothing we can express our feelings about another person like with a kiss. In every kind of relationship we kiss: our parents are different from our friends and they are different from our partners. How we kiss people says a lot about our bond: from smooching on the mouth to kissing on the cheek to passionate kisses. So when we kiss our dates, we quickly notice whether the butterflies are flying with us or we are feeling rather little. But just as we can tell by kissing whether we are in love with the other, we can also notice how their emotions are towards us. Certain signs exclude us about his feelings: We tell you what he does when kissing when you are his great love.

1. He doesn't look away afterwards

If your kiss is over and he looks away afterwards as if he was almost uncomfortably touched, that is unfortunately not a good sign. If the butterflies really fly with him, he will look at you in love after the kiss and not just turn away and devote himself to other things. Even if he just says something irrelevant afterwards and seems completely unimpressed by your kiss, that doesn't speak for his feelings for you. Especially if he looks you deep in the eye afterwards and seeks your eye contact, you can assume that he feels more for you.

2. He takes your face in his hands

Another sign that you are his great love is when he takes your face in his hands while kissing. With this gesture, he signals that he is holding onto you. This shows that he wants to be with you and doesn't want to let go of you anymore. In addition, this gesture conceals the expression of protection. By touching your face he shows that you are safe with him and that he is watching you. And he'll only do that if he really loves you. Even if he kisses you on the forehead in between, you can be sure that you are the one for him.

3. It is important to him to kiss you

You're totally stressed, he has to go to work and you're not finished even though your train is about to leave: Nevertheless, he takes the time to kiss you goodbye. Then you can assume that he feels more for you. If he loves you, then kissing you is important to him and he will always take the time to do it. Even when you meet again, the first thing he'll do is give you a long kiss before telling you about his day because he's looking for you.

4. He closes his eyes

We know it from ourselves: When we kiss passionately and full of emotions, we always have our eyes closed. It is the same with him. Of course, it's a little difficult to find out if he closes his eyes when you kiss. A quick blink will give you clarity. It could only get uncomfortable if he actually has his eyes open and you have eye contact while kissing. But if he is really in love with you, he will surrender to the kiss and have his eyes closed so as not to have any distraction from the outside.

5. He doesn't just kiss you casually

Does he make you feel that every kiss with you is very special? Then the probability is very high that you are actually the one for him. If he couldn't imagine himself with you anymore, he would just kiss you on the side without perceiving it as something special. But if the kisses between you are something beautiful and special for him as well, you will notice this in his way of kissing when he kisses you with passion and devotion.

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