What are eco-friendly cleaning services

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We stand for successful and at the same time environmentally friendly cleaning. The following explanations describe how we contribute to reducing environmental pollution.

Our environmental concept was developed for use in maintenance cleaning and glass cleaning for different types of objects, but can also be used with adjustments in areas with special cleaning or hygienic requirements.

Environmentally friendly cleaning means, on the one hand, purchasing cleaning agents that are as environmentally friendly as possible, but on the other hand, planning cleaning so that these products are used sensibly and economically.

We know that environmentally friendly cleaning begins with the property assessment and the correct assessment of the cleaning order for the property. In addition, we deal with aspects of procurement, training and the use of correct and appropriate work techniques.

Environmentally friendly cleaning and care does not mean less cleanliness and hygiene or more cleaning effort and higher costs. This refers to suitable, economical and efficient cleaning methods and agents. Every cleaning agent pollutes the environment to a greater or lesser extent. Everything that can be avoided relieves the burden on the environment and health and brings about cost savings.

Cleaning agents contain different chemical ingredients depending on the application. Both their production and their disposal pollute the environment, i.e. water, air and soil, as well as humans indirectly via the environment. There are no environmentally friendly cleaning agents, only more or less environmentally harmful ones. Only the cleaning agent that is not used does not harm the environment. That is why we use cleaning methods that save as much detergent as possible.

Building cleaning often forms a specific and usually not insignificant item in the operating costs of real estate. In order to optimize cleaning costs, the course must be set in the construction planning phase. The architecture (planning of decentralized cleaning rooms on the floors) and the choice of materials (especially for floor coverings) influence the subsequent cleaning effort and the effects on the environment. We are in favor of involving cleaning specialists as early as the construction planning stage in order to keep the subsequent cleaning costs as low as possible.

Our principles of cleaning planning are:
- Establish cleaning standard. Plan suitable cleaning and care measures
- Clarify the necessity and type of protective treatment of soils as required, purposefully and selectively
- Define cleaning intervals, adapted to the degree of soiling
- Use mechanics instead of chemistry
- Observe the dosage and material compatibility of the cleaning products
- Ensure health protection, occupational safety and environmental protection

Savings can be achieved with a cleaning range that is designed for economical, environmentally and health-friendly work. At the same time, we protect health and the environment. We use cleaning technology that is gentle on the material, preserves value, easy to dose and efficient.

Successful ecological cleaning ultimately depends on the active participation of the staff. We have therefore made our employees familiar with the cleaning concept and train it regularly. You can take a closer look at our cleaning practice using the key terms in the text.

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