What does i really love you mean

The meaning of "I love you" in a relationship

Last update: October 24, 2016

It is often the beginning of many romances, but also the end of a love affair: a"I love you." We use these sweet words at different stages of a relationship, and their meanings can be just as different.

The sentence "I love you" has a different meaning when we have him for the first time in a relationship as if we were saying this to our partner with whom we were for several years now are together.

Why has a "I love you" so many meanings?

When two people form a strong bond, they develop together. In their personal development, each and every one of them encounters new situations that affect their lives and thus their relationships. Therefore also develops the meaning of "I love you" continue with the relationship and personal growth.

But there is a general and fixed meaning behind these three words: the person we address it to is incredibly important to us. It doesn't matter whether we say these words laughing, crying or lying in the other's arms. The importance and magic of these words should in no way diminish over time.

So what is the meaning behind that "I love you" in every single phase of our relationship?

- After two months:I like how it all turns out. From the point of view of a long-term and stable relationship, two months are not exactly long and go by “quickly”. It is true that we are at the beginning of a relationship most in love feel that we are just getting to know this wonderful person with whom we share a common goal.

When we say we love someone after two months, we are saying that we really want to be with them for the rest of our lives. But when we're realistic, we know that nothing lasts forever. And especially with a two-month relationship, we can't know whether it will last.

In these early stages of a relationship, most of us say this phrase out of personal immaturity, out of “youthful madness”, or because we haven't had many relationships. We then confuse the way we love and say that person "I love you" instead of a serious one "I like you very much".

So before you add these three very important words to your vocabulary within your relationship, you should go inside yourself and think about what they really mean. This may help you avoid emotional misunderstandings and protect the other person you're just beginning to love from emotional damage.

- After five months: you are important to me. Studies have shown that we are now on the last legs of the first phase of falling in love. "I love you" can mean at this moment: "You play an important role in my life", and, "You are about to take a place in my heart."

After so few months of a relationship, we still feel a certain insecurity and have many doubts or fears, such as: Will he break my heart? Does he feel just like me? After less than six months, you simply don't have the certainty you need. Hence becomes a "I love you" in this phase caused more by butterflies in the stomach than by true feelings of love that come from the heart.

- After six months: together we are perfect. During this time, neither of them can stop thinking about each other. We like everything that the partner does and has to do with us and what expresses his love for us: photos, letters, tokens of love, etc.

"I love you" already means a lot more than it did three months ago. With these words, you actually want to convey that you love how this person makes you feel and how great you feel to be a part of their life and vice versa.

- After seven months: together. There is a wonderful saying that I absolutely agree with: "Loving someone is like moving house." You too will notice that this sentence makes sense. Because the more time that goes by in a relationship, the greater the feeling of togetherness. If we are at this stage "I love you" we actually want to express: "What is mine is also yours and what is yours is also mine."

From now on this is "I love you" something that is shared, as well as everything else in your relationship.

- After ten months: you are my best friend. Now it is natural for us to be by the other's side. Being apart now hurts a bit and feels strange. During this time the meaning of "I love you" much stronger. Regardless of whether this sentence is said after a joke or at the end of a text message - the meaning is the same.

Now, if you were asked what your partner means to you, you would probably say: "He is my best friend" instead of "He's an amazing person."

This kind of "I love you" means that you want to give yourself a lot more to your partner and your partner. The word love is now internalized by us and has a deeper meaning.

- After a year: You mean the world to me. At this stage of your relationship you feel unconditional and perfect love. If I asked you during this time how you are feeling, you would certainly answer me that you could no longer imagine a life without him. A "I love you" has a much bigger meaning now since you no longer wonder who feels more love or who cares more about the other.

You feel safe and your partner is your solid rock. The person you like "I love you" say, relax, you open yourself up and that gives you a feeling of incredible closeness to your partner.

- After two years: I think about the future."I love you" is called in this phase of the relationship "I love you for what you are and I will always love you for what you will be." This meaning is based on a feeling of trust, or whatever: as long as the two of you are together, nothing is impossible or scary.

- After three years, if both live together: Marry me!"I love you" now means that you want your love for your partner to last forever. You want to share everything with him. A life full of love, trust, experiences, and most importantly: full of shared experiences.

At this stage a "I love you" may be said less often. But with these words you want to say: "You're everything I want." Because that's what your heart and soul really wants to convey with these three little words.

- After four years, marriage or engagement: open dreams. One of the most beautiful experiences we can have in life is to love someone and that this love is reciprocated. Love is everything. To feel true love with all your heart for a person and to receive it unconditionally from both sides is - at least that's what I believe and that's how they say - one of the most beautiful experiences in life.

If you're already there, look no further because you have already arrived in the emotional “nirvana”. Many people will tell you how lucky you are to be, and others will feel healthy envy as a result. And it is true: Many people come into this world and do not yet know what this feeling means for another person.

What is explained in this article describes the general stages of a relationship. But it is important to know that every couple has different needs and phases. For example, many may get stuck in one of the declared stages of a relationship, requiring more time or emotional tools to work on the relationship.