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Maximilian Janisch

The most intelligent child in the world has genes from the Saarland

Wed., August 29, 2018, 9:41 pm

Maximilian Janisch is 15 years old. His IQ: 149+. "Plus" means: above the measurable range. This makes Maximilian probably the most intelligent child in the world. The young Swiss graduated from high school at the age of 9 and is now studying. SOL.DE has found out: The smartest child in the world has Saarland genes.

Maximilian Janisch passed his Abitur at the age of nine. Our research shows that the child prodigy has genes from the Saarland. Photo: Maximilian Janisch / CC-by-sa 3.0 / de.

Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates: They all had or have an IQ above the 149 mark. Just like Maximilian Janisch. Maximilian, however, is only 15 years old. At the age of 9, the highly talented young Swiss successfully completed his Abitur - he needed exactly that one year in high school.

With the Abitur in his pocket, he would have liked to start studying straight away - which is not possible in Switzerland. In 2015, he finally accepted the university in Perpignan, France - right into the second year of his studies. Another record: Maximilian is the youngest student France has ever had.

There are now television films and documentaries about the highly intelligent little Swiss. Scientists and the media around the world are interested in the 15-year-old.

Maximilian also noticed SOL.DE. Even more: his father. This week the documentary was shown on 3Sat "Maximilian". Maximilian's father, Thomas Drisch, also has a say. He is a retired math professor. Wait a moment - Isn't there a Saarland color to be heard when he speaks?

In the course of the documentary it becomes clear: Monika, Maximilian's mother, is Swiss. But his father, Thomas Drisch, comes from Germany. Saarland roots? So it would be possible.

While the documentary is still running on TV, we do research. Thomas Drisch has a Facebook profile. Hit! His profile reveals: He has Studied mathematics at Saarland University. But: He went to school in St. Blasien in the Black Forest. So was Saarbrücken just an interlude? While we ponder, the father speaks again in the TV documentary. Very clear: The Saarland sounds like it.

Father comes from Heusweiler
We keep researching: the mathematician and ex-head of a large Swiss insurance company has an online business profile - but here, too, we only find a trace of his study visit to Saarbrücken.

But then we will finally find what we are looking for - at "Stayfriends". The portal specializes in finding former classmates. Thomas Drisch also has a profile there. We knew: The dad of the smartest child in the world is Saarland! From 1952 to 1956 he attended elementary school in Heusweiler, then switched to that Saarbrücker Ludwigsgymnasium. In 1959 the episode followed for him at the boarding school in St. Blasien in the Black Forest, only to return to Saarbrücken University in 1964.

We lean back contentedly on this evening of television: Research completed successfully - and richer in the knowledge that the Saarland motto has once again come true: Big things always come from small things!

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