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These 7 things your boyfriend should know about you if he really loves you

You are madly in love and actually quite sure, this guy is exactly the one. Does he feel as much for you as you do for him? You haven't been able to find an answer to that yet. He may have already confessed his love to you, but he hasn't really shown it to you yet. Actually, you are of the opinion anyway: Men should let actions speak for themselves! So that you no longer waste your time on a senseless romance, but rather know exactly where you are with your loved one, we have summarized seven things that you can be sure of: You are the only one who matters to him. ❤️

1. She is your person

This question poses no difficulty for in, because he knows about which family member or which friend you maintain the closest contact. 👯

2. This is what you like to eat best

If you feel really bad and you just need a short quality time, he knows that he should serve you the biggest burger in town, or better, spaghetti Bolognese. He definitely knows your desires because he wants you to be happy. 🍔

3. He knows your fears

The fact that you don't go completely crazy with a large spider in your room impresses him a little. However, if you go away for the weekend, the question "did you turn off the stove?" a huge panic. Since he knows you, he checks exactly this wordlessly before every trip and can easily calm you down later. 👫

4. He remembers your anniversary

Ok, we admit it: in times when you no longer ask your lover the one question (we speak of "do you want to go with me", of course), it is difficult to choose a fixed day on which you decide to have a serious one Relationship. Nevertheless, you should definitely choose a date for this and, much more important, he should also care about it. 👏🏼

5. You don't like that about yourself

You could lose one or two kilograms on your hips and actually your annoying waving arm bothers you. No matter what it is, he should know what you think is one of your weaknesses and love you with all my heart, not in spite of it, but precisely because of it. 💕

6. He knows your nickname

All of your friends haven't called you by your real name for years, or maybe you were only called by a nickname when you were a kid. It doesn't matter if your loved one uses it he should at least know him.

7. You drink your coffee ...

Now let's be honest: What is the best way to wake up in the morning? With a very large latte macchiato, of course. Do you prefer to drink your coffee black, with three pieces of sugar or do you prefer reduced-fat and with soy milk?Of course, your partner knows THAT in your sleep and has already served you one or the other right in bed. ☕️

After this short check, do you now know that you have the absolute dream guy by your side? But don't panic if your loved one is not yet familiar with all of these things, because of course all of these also take some time. The only important thing is that he is interested in really getting to know every detail about you and not only loves you for your good points, but also for your mistakes - because then you hit the jackpot. 🎉

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