Online bike shops are dead

Corona rules in lockdown: will bicycle workshops remain open?

Because of the lockdown, most of the retail trade in Germany will have to close by January 10th. But what if you have problems with your bike during this time and need professional help?

Good news for all cyclists: bicycle workshops remain open even in lockdown. If you want to have your bike repaired there, it is better to inquire about an appointment in the workshop in advance.

Describe the defect via email or telephone

Customers don't have to wait too long in front of the store and the workshop can also plan better. This is the advice of the Zweirad -kauf-Gemeinschaft (ZEG), in which around 1,000 dealers are united. It is also helpful to briefly describe the defect via email or telephone.

If you want to repair your bike yourself, you can buy a "smaller amount" of spare parts from the workshop. Otherwise, on-site sales are suspended. However, retailers could take orders online or over the phone and ship or deliver the goods.

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