Is a fake Safe Shop company

Online shopping: how do you recognize fake shops?

Welcome to the gray area! Dropshipping or (in German) direct trading websites are not necessarily fraudulent. The practice in itself is not illegal, but it is often misleading.

Thats how it works

  • You get weak when you get an offer in an online shop and buy the product.
  • The seller receives your order. He is not the manufacturer of the product and does not have it Not in stock. So he gives the order to the relevant supplier and gives him your address.
  • The supplier sends the goods directly to your home, without going through the seller.

Mind you: What makes the dropshipper special is that he does not manage any stocks himself, but has the products shipped directly from the manufacturer.

An interesting model ...

It's actually a very interesting model. There is no intermediate stage, as the goods do not have to pass through the seller's warehouse. If the seller carefully selects quality suppliers, honestly informs their customers, and provides professional customer service, then this model makes perfect sense.

... but often misleading

In practice, dropshipping often creates a cover under which consumer rights are trampled underfoot. In extreme cases, this leads to unfair practices, for example when the seller's (dropshipper) website deliberately leads buyers to believe that the goods come from a handicraft business, but in reality they come from a Chinese mass producer.

The main problems that can arise in the process

  • The delivery times are very long. It can even happen that the product is never delivered.
  • The product does not correspond to the photos and descriptions in the online shop.
  • The quality is poor.
  • It is practically impossible to return the goods or get a refund.