How can fruit flies bite people

Fruit flies: this is how you drive away the little beasts

They are magically attracted to fruit or organic waste in the kitchen: small, buzzing fruit flies. The most effective tricks to get rid of them.

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Fruit fly alarm: The small animals are particularly annoying in the warm season.

Fruit flies can drive you to despair: They buzz around fruit, vegetables and juices, especially on warm days. This is how you get rid of fruit flies - also called fruit flies.

Drive away fruit flies by depriving them of food

The most effective way to avoid disturbing fruit flies is to deprive them of their nutritional basis. Fruit and fruit juices should be stored well covered, in closed containers or in the refrigerator.

Do not accidentally attract fruit flies

Since alcohol and vinegar also attract the mini flies, used dishes, cutlery and empty containers should be washed or rinsed immediately. The trash can should also be emptied regularly.

Catch fruit flies alive

If you don't want to kill the small flies but just want to get rid of them, you can try the following trick: Put a banana peel as a lure in an open plastic bag and wait a few hours so that the flies can collect in it. Then seal the bag and carry it out, where the fruit flies can then be released.

Catch and kill fruit flies

The insects can be combated with the help of traps. Add some balsamic, fruit or wine vinegar with a little fruit juice and a splash of detergent to a glass. Seal the mixture with a perforated foil and let it stand. The smell of the ingredients attracts the flies. The detergent removes the surface tension of the liquid so that the flies drown in it when they land.

Do not confuse the fruit fly with the fruit fly

The fruit flies (Drosophilidae), often incorrectly referred to as fruit flies, are harmless and do not transmit any diseases. However, fruit that comes into contact with them spoils faster. Fruit flies transmit yeasts and bacteria that accelerate putrefactive processes.

Fruit fly or fungus gnat?

Fruit flies are also often confused with fungus gnats. The small, often black, fungus gnats nest in moist potting soil. On the other hand, they are not interested in fruit. If you set up a vinegar trap for it, it will remain empty.

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