Is traditional marketing still effective in 2020

The right marketing mix: online vs. offline

Personalization 3.0

Using various targeting techniques, precise data about the purchasing behavior of individual users can be obtained, which can be used for advertising measures in online marketing. It does not happen that a man in his mid-30s who is more interested in football and Formula 1 is shown advertisements for cosmetic products or wellness hotels. This is based on millions of customer data that can be collected and combined on the network. Because every user leaves behind a digital footprintthat online marketers can use for themselves.

This is only possible through so-called Data Management Platforms. The DMPs collect data from customers, for example by evaluating cookies. The platforms can be imagined as huge department stores that store, evaluate and make available customer data. When an online ad is placed, the DMPs output this data and thus help the marketer to reach precisely those users who belong to his target group with his ad.

Clear success measurement

Whether and how well the advertising measures work can be precisely tracked in online marketing. Over numerous Analysis and tracking tools it is clear who sees which ad and who clicks on it. In the offline area, on the other hand, you only have a few options to measure your success. Especially with outdoor advertising, you can only estimate how many people actually noticed it. How many of them later buy the advertised product as a result of the advertising can only be estimated through costly customer surveys. In the online area, on the other hand, it is possible to measure and monitor success precisely. Not only the click rate on advertising material can be measured, but also the so-called conversion rate, which indicates how many users later bought as a result of the advertisement.