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Translation of "you never know" in English

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you never know


We must by no means play the game with fire in our policies and burden our economy again with price increases or inflation, because how such a policy turns out you never know.
We must not start to get involved in policies which involve playing with fire and reintroducing price rises or inflation into the economy when one never knows how this kind of policy is going to end up.
In a place like this you never know when is the last day.
I guess in a place like this, you never know which day is going to be your last.
With something like that you never knowwhat makes sense.
Maybe one day I'll fly again, that you never know.
There you never knowwhether boy or girl.
But in a strange house you never knowwhat can happen.
Still, in a new, strange house, you never know what's liable to turn up.
With psychopaths you never know right who they are.
With such a car you never knowwhere it takes you.
With Hubert von Goisern you never knowwhere the journey is going.
As an actor you never knowwhether a shipment arrives or not.
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