What is customer service

Customer service

Companies define customers as all people who buy, interact with, or have a serious interest in their products. The Customer service is the department that is responsible for the satisfaction, advice and referral of these private and business customers. The activity is increasingly being outsourced to service centers. The happier customers are with customer service, the more likely they are to commit to a company.

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Comprehensive service instead of service

Today, good customer service doesn't begin with the purchase, but before the first one Interaction with the potential customer. That is why service providers and retailers alike coordinate their strategies for dealing with customers and prospects with campaigns and brand image. In the Brand and communication strategy the foundation is laid for how and in what way the customer will be treated later. Young companies with a focus on a particularly young, creative target group use different ways to communicate with their customers than large companies.

To implement a customer service or customer service, a separate department is usually set up or an external service provider is commissioned. This then has the authority to communicate with customers on behalf of the company. Purchase advice, crisis management, reputation management and marketing come together at this point. Only when the customer can address all topics, manage contracts, adjust data and find out about products in a customer service, he feels comfortable.

Positive customer experience from the first interaction

A simple Social media presence of a company count. Where in the past a call, a letter or an email was required as the first interface at least, the social media team now takes over the contact. More and more often a Chatbot be able to pass on open questions to a person. How moderators activate, answer or, on the contrary, never react to comments is part of customer service.

Classic customer service takes place in consultant offices and call centers. Only here do employees have the authority to access contract and personal data. The customer should get all the answers possible from a consultant without being connected by several departments. The better the customer service, the more satisfied customers are with order processes and ultimately with the product itself. The more satisfied the customer, the more likely they are to become a brand ambassador.

Customer service or customer service?

In fact, there is a difference between the terms that are often used interchangeably. In some companies, customer service is not considered a service until it involves employees interacting in person. For example, the customer service of a cable provider will set up the connection on site, while the customer service will advise on contract details. However, the boundaries are fluid and not precisely defined.

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