In which direction should the front door open

Door hinge on the left or on the right

Briefly and succinctly explained for you: Door hinge on the left or on the right?

Should I mount the door hinge on the left or on the right? This question sounds more complicated than it is when you first read it! So that you don't have to spend hours studying construction plans, we explain briefly and succinctly what you should consider when the door is slammed.

If new doors and door frames have to be installed as part of a new building or renovation, at some point the question arises as to how a door should open. Depending on whether a door should open into or away from the room, the door leaf is attached to the frame by hinges on the left or right. This sometimes has massive consequences for the use of the paths in the house and the use of space. Because a door that opens requires a lot of space. But how do you decide on the correct door hinge? Or is it not really irrelevant? Not at all!

Look at the floor plan before installing

Sometimes you have less to decide than you think. Because whether you should attach the door hinge on the left or right is often already stated in the floor plan. With a look at the floor plan, you can see exactly in which direction the door opens. The respective door hinge is located where a straight line protrudes from the door into the room. Of course, you can also change the hinge of the door afterwards. But floor plans are usually well thought out, especially when it comes to integrating doors.

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Is my door hinge on the left or on the right? Analysis without the floor plan

If you do not have a floor plan, you can easily find out without it whether you need to mount the door hinge on the left or right. How the door hinge is determined is standardized. DIN 107 or the European DIN EN 12519 provide information on which side the door must be hinged on. For example, if you are standing in front of a door that opens inwards, all you have to do is check on which side the door hinges are visible. If you can see the hinges on the right when the door is closed, then the stop is on the right. This would therefore be the "DIN right". In this case, one also speaks of a right-hinged door. With this information you can confidently go to any hardware store and get the right hinges.
Conversely, the solution is “DIN left” if the hinges are visible on the left when the door is closed. Here it says that the door hits the left.

These factors determine whether the door is hinged to the left or right

Architects determine whether a door should open on the left or right as early as the planning stage. This is mostly due to pragmatic reasons. For example, so that two doors do not open in the same direction and so important paths in the house are blocked. But the furnishings also play a role. For example, if a fireplace is planned in the living room, the architect will include this in the opening direction of the door. Entrance or patio doors also usually open inwards.

Not only room doors have a predetermined door hinge

Basically, all doors have a predetermined direction in which they open and close. This not only applies to room doors, but also to cabinet doors and even windows. There are therefore many different door hinges in a house. The same scheme applies to both doors and windows. The door stop is where the hinges are visible. A little tip at this point: for example, check how the door opens before assembling a cabinet. If there is any overlap here with another door or furniture, it is a good idea to reconsider the position of the cabinet.


Not that difficult at all! As you can see, getting a door right and buying the right hinges is half as wild. If you are still unsure, take a photo and ask at the hardware store or specialist company. Better safe than sorry!

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