How can you buy Dogecoin cryptocurrency

Buy Dogecoin - here it goes

At the beginning of February 2021, the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, which was launched as an internet joke in 2013, began to soar (8.6 US cents on February 7, 2021). A few weeks earlier, the course had still been at zero. The level sounds like little, but the market value of all Dogecoins in circulation is a good ten billion US dollars. For the time being, however, the price is considered to be very volatile.

  • The "joke" currency is boosted primarily by prominent Twitter messages. For example, billionaire and Tesla boss Elon Musk has commented on Dogecoin several times. Other well-known personalities were later added, such as the rapper Snoop Dogg or the bassist of the rock band Kiss, Gene Simmons.
  • But Musk's statements not only led to price increases. At the beginning of May Elon Musk co-hosted the US show "Saturday Night Live" and criticized Dogecoin, whereupon the price crashed by a few percentage points.
  • The rise of Dogecoin was quick, however. In the beginning, digital currency was hardly known to anyone outside of the crypto scene. In terms of market value, however, it is one of the ten largest digital currencies (as of May 2021)
  • The name is based on the English term for dog, as the symbol of Dogecoin is an Asian type of dog. This symbol, in turn, was once a fun image often used on the Internet, a meme.