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View (German)

Part of speech: noun, (neuter)

Look at, no plural
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈAnˌzeːən]
Word meaning / definition:
1) high opinion that one has of someone / something
2) See, take a look at something.
3) Appearance, first impressions; apparently; probably
4) Appearance, concerning all recognizable / visible features (figure, habitus, type)
5) Consideration, considering something
6) Respect for someone's recognition and deference.
7) Validity, credibility / fashion in society
1) Respect, authority, importance, honor, influence, format, validity, weight, size, image, reputation, good name, nimbus, personality, prestige, profile, rank, reputation, reputation, reputation, fame, position, blamelessness, importance , Dignity
Application examples:
1) Being Look at in the population is great.
1) “The manslaughter convicted in Iceland is now a respected leader of the pioneers, his children could go to Greenland for all their days Look at and claim land. "
2) The trailer "The last one eats." Is unfortunately for Look at not available.
5) That Look at refers to the sense of perception and respect for the worth of a person or thing.
6) That Look at a person is the result of a great achievement or, in the slightest, the power to impress others.
7) If it's yours Look at no harm, then just keep doing it.
7) Hard times bring swapping to another Look at.
7) “The various institutions of self-government that were available to the Ashkenazi Jews as a separate class within the Polish feudal system, lost their capacity to act in the course of this century Look at.“
Saying / idioms:
1) know someone only by appearance - know someone only by sight, not personally or by name
Nominative: singular Look at; Plural
Genitive: singular Reputation; Plural
Dative: singular Look at; Plural
Accusative: singular Look at; Plural


  • English: 1) respect, reputation; 2) looking at, view, glance; 3) appearance; 4) outside, exterior; 5) regard, consideration; 6) credit, prestige; 7) authority; to bring into vogue; a man of great consequence
  • Esperanto: 1) reputacio
  • French: 1) réputation (Female), renowned (Female), prestige (male)
  • Italian: 1) reputazione
  • Dutch: 2) aanzien
  • Swedish: 1) anseende; 2) påseende; 3) intryck; 4) utseende; 5) hansyn; 6) anseende; 7) god rykte
  • Spanish: 1) reputación; 2) vista; 3) apariencia
  • Hungarian: 1) tekintély, megbecsülés, elismerés; kinézet, külső; 5) inked

Similar words (German):look at

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

The uncertainty surrounding Britain's planned exit from the EU is damaging that Look at of the financial center of London.
cash.ch, September 12, 2018

According to Foreign Minister Maas dem Look at Germany harmed in the world.
Epoch Times, September 13, 2018

BANGKOK. The man doesn't kidding when it comes to his work and his Look at going in public.
The Farang (Thailand), October 06, 2018

A study shows that for teenagers that Look at of professions is crucial. This is a problem especially for the trades.
sueddeutsche.de, October 17, 2018

Because of 'crimes against that Look at German-speaking people in the world ', the satirist calls for a bizarre punishment.
Today.at, May 11, 2019

The prime minister is damaging that Look at his nation.
sueddeutsche.de, September 9, 2020

The government criticizes "disinformation" and wants the international one Look at Improve Italy.
NZZ, February 28, 2020

The Look at the USA suffered significantly in the Corona crisis.
dradio.de, September 15, 2020

Movie fans can get there from home, through the Look at an online advertising block to help your favorite cinema through the corona crisis.
DiePresse.com, March 23, 2020

A woman was at Look at of a police prevention video fell in love with a police officer from Stuttgart.
GMX, February 14, 2020

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Danger: Respect, awe and / or appreciation for someone or something; Exclamation or inscription to evoke caution or attention; military, as a command: watch out
  • authority: without plural: decisive influence, validity, reputation; Person or institution who holds
  • importance: Meaning of information, action or thing; Relevance of information, action or thing; Linguistics Content of a linguistic sign, especially a word
  • influence: acting on something or someone; the possibility of being able to act; Inflow; rare: estuary (of a river)
  • Validity: Meaning, effect; validity
  • Respect: great respect
  • Prestigious: Reputation or validity of a person, an association, an institution or the like in public
  • reputation: Reputation, (good) reputation
  • Standing
  • Appreciation: mostly singular: high respect that is shown to someone
  • Appreciation: Recognition / appreciation of someone's performance
  • (good reputation
  • picture
  • image: Inner image that people make of an object (for example a product, a person, group or organization); this image is then often ascribed to the object and thus influences its appearance; Image of a data carrier in computer science
  • Reputation: Reputation that someone has
  • Names: see name
  • Prestigious: Reputation or validity of a person, an association, an institution or the like in public
  • reputation: Reputation, (good) reputation
  • reputation: The reputation that a person or institution enjoys as a result of outstanding performance; good reputation, reputation
  • position

Another word (synonym) for reputation - Source: OpenThesaurus

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Nothing: derogatory, from a person: someone without rank and reputation Origin of the term: substantiation of nothing through conversion Synonyms: 1) emptiness, nirvana 3) nobody, zero, pariah, underdog, the last person Opposite words: 1) universe, world Examples of use: 1) It disappeared into nowhere

Surname: the reputation, the reputation, the image; a title, a rank, a status Origin of the term: Middle High German nam, name, Old High German namo, Germanic *, Indo-European * // *, documented since the 8th century

Country: Middle High German stat (equipment, legal status), Middle Low German stāt (location, circumstances, class, reputation, professional representative) and that from the 15th

animal: ... the animal in the man - a big animal / big animal - a person of great respect, high rank. Humans and animals - typical word combinations: 1) smell like an animal ...

handsome: sehnlich (German) part of speech: adjective hyphenation: an | sehn | lich, comparative: an | sehn | li | cher, superlative: am an | sehn | liches | most pronunciation / stress: IPA: ...

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