How much does a patent search cost

Apply for a patent: costs for Germany, Europe & worldwide

A lawyer can ensure that the patent really makes sense, that a new application does not infringe existing patents and that there are no unnecessary costs (e.g. by missing deadlines). This allows you to efficiently organize official fees and keep them as low as possible.

If you go through the registration process without a lawyer, the application may contain deficiencies and will be rejected. Was z. For example, if your patent research is inadequate and you register an invention that has already been patented, you not only lose the fees already paid. You must also expect injunctive relief and claims for damages from the other side.

To ensure that this does not happen under any circumstances, a lawyer can check your application for factual and legal errors. This avoids costly errors during the registration process.


If you make mistakes while signing up, you can lose a lot of money. In addition, your invention would not be adequately protected. You can therefore also view legal fees as an investment in full patent protection.

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Other costs

Depending on whether you are only applying for your patent in Germany or abroad, additional costs may arise.

  • Translator: If you do not submit the application in the official language of the respective patent office (German at the DPMA, German, English or French at the EPO), you will have to have it translated. If an international application is split up into several national application procedures, the application must be translated into the respective official language.
  • Foreign attorneys: If there are several national application procedures abroad, it may make sense to be accompanied by a lawyer licensed in the respective country. He knows the local legal system and can secure the entry.


3. Are there any follow-up costs?

Annual fees

If you have successfully applied for your patent, you have to pay annual fees from the 3rd year onwards in order to maintain the protection permanently. These increase from year to year. If you do not pay the annual fees, your patent will expire.

In the following table you will find some sample values ​​for annual fees for German and European patent:


Year after registration

Annual fee for the German patent

Annual fee for the European patent


70,00 €

470,00 €


90,00 €

820,00 €


350,00 €

1.575,00 €


1.060,00 €

1.575,00 €


1.940,00 €

1.575,00 €


At the worldwide patent the annual fees are more complicated. Since this consists of several national patents, the fee rates of the respective countries apply.

Count to the registered countries z. For example, some European countries, Japan, China, Colombia, India, Zimbabwe and Algeria have different annual fees for each country. If these are added together, depending on the individual case, a high total can result.


Continuous patent monitoring

In order to maintain the patent protection permanently, you can monitor your patent after a successful application. By routinely checking new patent applications, you can prevent a competitor from copying your invention and using it for their own purposes. If you notice such a new registration, you can raise an objection within 9 months of publication.

If you can clearly demonstrate that the newly filed invention is similar to your patent, the opposition can be successful. The new registration will then be stopped and you may be able to claim injunctive relief and compensation.

The DPMA charges a fee of € 200.00 and the EPO € 785.00 for the opposition proceedings.

If a worldwide patent is infringed, the time limit and opposition fee are based on the respective national laws.


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4. Is it possible to reduce the cost of applying for a patent?

Adhere to payment deadlines

Pay the official fees within the given deadline. Otherwise, patent offices can charge late fees of up to 50%.

If you do not pay the application fee to the DPMA within 3 months, the application is even considered withdrawn in accordance with Section 6 (2) of the Patent Act. Your invention will then neither be assessed nor protected.


Avoid mistakes when submitting an application

If you make mistakes when submitting the application, the correction can unnecessarily prolong the registration process. In the worst case, the application will be completely rejected. You would then not be reimbursed for patent fees that have already been paid.


WIPANO funding

If you belong to the following groups of people, you could take advantage of the WIPANO funding:

  • State / state-recognized universities
  • Publicly funded research institutions
  • Small and medium-sized companies from the industrial, construction, trade and service sectors
  • Self-employed in scientific and technical professions

Then you can submit a patent grant application and a Support of up to € 16,575.00 receive.


Licensing the patent

By licensing your patent, you can finance the annual fees and generate additional economic profits. For a license, you authorize a third party to use the patent. In return, he pays you license fees.

If you do not only declare your willingness to license after successful application, but rather when you submit your application, the patent offices can also reduce the application fees if necessary.


Legal protection insurance

If you have to take action against third-party use of your patent, your legal protection insurance may cover legal and court costs. What exactly is covered depends on your insurance tariff.

If you are unsure whether your legal protection insurance will cover, an advocado partner lawyer will be happy to make a free cover request for you. Describe your concerns here.


5. Clarify costs through an individual needs analysis

The costs for the patent application and subsequent maintenance can amount to four or even five-digit amounts. In order not to despair of the complicated fee tables of the patent offices or to cause unnecessary fees, an objective assessment by a lawyer can be helpful.

In advance you can proceed as follows:

  1. Think about the countries in which you want to have your invention protected.
  2. Describe your invention and think about possible uses.
  3. If you are already in contact with one of the patent offices, keep the correspondence in a safe place.

A lawyer can examine your project and use an individual needs analysis to break down the possible costs for the patent application in your case.

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