Can have a GIF audio

Underlay GIF with music - with these tools it is possible


The word GIF is a synonym for small, short animations that can easily be sent over the Internet. Most of the time, these GIFs have no sound, as a GIF only contains graphic information. However, you can easily convert a GIF to MP4 format and add music to it.

How can a GIF be underlaid with music?

You can find GIFs on many platforms on the Internet. Since the inception of memes, GIFs have made a huge comeback. Unfortunately, GIFs cannot store a music track, so they need to be converted to an MP4 file or other video format beforehand.
  1. Go to the page and convert your GIF to an MP4 file.
  2. To do this, simply slide the GIF into the gray box or press the "Select files" button.
  3. Once the conversion has taken place, you can download the finished MP4.
  4. If you have the MP4 file, it is best to use XMedia Recode.
  5. Drag the video into the program and choose under “Audio”> “Import” which music you want to put under the video.
  6. Both tracks are now displayed in the lower window. Click the arrow to merge both tracks into one.
  7. Finally, simply click on "Add job" and then on "Encode" to export and save the video and music.

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