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Apps for the vacation - Off on vacation: the best travel apps for on the go

Every holidaymaker today has a small miracle device in his pocket: the smartphone. It has made traveling a lot easier. Accommodation can be conveniently booked on the go - and thanks to Google Maps, you hardly ever get lost. Many practical applications are pre-installed in the iOS and Android operating systems. But there are also many useful and curious apps that not every traveler is familiar with. Here is a small selection.

Polarsteps: The travel tracker for longer trips

This app is especially popular with people who regularly take longer trips. Polarsteps automatically records the travel route and the places visited on a map, links the information with the photos taken and creates a travel diary. This can even be printed out later. The other digital features are even more exciting: Friends or family members can follow the traveling user, and content can be shared. And retrospectively, statistics reveal details of the duration of the trip, the distance covered and the countries visited. The app for iOS and Android is free.

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Views on Top: Where is the best view?

Vacationers long for panoramic views! If you want to know where the best viewpoints are in a destination, you should download the Views on Top app. For example, accessible roof terraces, bridges, towers, viewing platforms, hotel pools or Ferris wheels - places that offer a magnificent view. If you want to plan in advance, you can use the "Location" or "Category" functions. Otherwise, simply activate the "Near me" function on site to display the best places - including information and directions. The free travel app is currently only available for Apple devices.

Meetup: meeting like-minded people

Not a classic travel app, more like a social network - but a good tool, especially in the metropolises of this world, to get to know people who like similar things. For example, if you like jogging, you can join a running group in New York's Central Park, go on a photo safari with others in Hong Kong or simply set up a group yourself for the desired activity at the next destination. It won't work everywhere to meet like-minded people. But in many places around the world, the free app for iOS and Android offers a good chance to get to know locals.

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MyPostcard: The digital, analog postcard

Postcard writing is out? Maybe. The greater the joy when you get one. The MyPostcard app relieves holidaymakers of the hassle of buying stamps and searching for post. She creates personal photo greeting cards using templates and own photos. Design, enter addressees, done. From 1.99 euros, the printed card on a 300-gram cardboard box can be sent by post to grandma, aunt or another loved one within 24 hours. Free for Apple and Android devices.

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Let's Yalla: Great last minute on vacation

The flight app for really last-minute travelers makes flight offers bookable for the next day from Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne-Bonn, Munich and Stuttgart. The app currently only cooperates with two airlines - including Eurowings, which alone brings more than 200 destinations in Europe within reach, at least in theory. Because even Let’s Yalla himself does not know beforehand which remaining spaces the airlines are setting for the return flight for usually only around 100 euros. The offers are updated every evening at 8 p.m. - super last minute. Free for iOS and Android.

SAS Survival Guide: Survival in the Wild

How do you ignite warming flames without a lighter? Which plants can you eat in which area? How do I protect myself from animals and survive a cold winter night outdoors? For travelers who are looking for adventure in nature, this app can be a lifesaver - if the smartphone is still running in an emergency. Developed by soldiers from a British special unit, the English-language app gives you access to hundreds of survival tips in the wild. The full version costs a few euros, the lite version is available for free download from iTunes and the Google Play Store.

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Splid: settling accounts with friends

Who does not know that? You're on vacation with friends, and in the end nobody knows who has paid for the others in restaurants, bars or elsewhere. Splid puts an end to the mess in your wallet: You create a group and everyone types in what they have paid for on their smartphone. The app then does the math - and everyone ultimately knows what they owe whom. According to its own information, Splid supports more than 150 currencies and also works offline. There is no annoying conversion. If you take it very carefully, you can send a summary PDF with all payments after the trip. The app for iOS and Android is free.

Guides by Lonely Planet: For backpackers

Started as a travel guide for backpackers in 1972, Lonely Planet has long been a tipster for the mainstream. The digital version for smartphones is now available for at least 243 cities and countries. The basic version runs for free and is very helpful in finding restaurants, bars and places to sleep. The respective price level is always indicated. Tours and activities can be booked directly from the app. Maps and the location display help to find your way.

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